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Graphic Communications


Video: Graphic Communications

Program Number: 10-204-3
School Year: 2018-2019
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Campus: Fond du Lac

Program Description

The Graphic Communications program combines the creativity of graphic design and the technology of digital media to prepare graduates for careers in graphic communications. Emphasis is placed on the use of the graphic design software to generate text, graphics and photos to create digital media for use in newsletters, flyers, display ads, forms, manuals, videos, brochures and Web-based documents. First-year students work primarily online building design and layout skills using a variety of graphic production software. Second-year students continue to develop these skills through hands-on, classroom-based production experiences.

Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

  • $30,418

Approximate Costs

  • $134.20 per credit (resident)
  • $201.30 per credit (out-of-state resident)
  • Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.
  • Fees shown are 2017-2018 fees; 2018-2019 fees will be available as soon as they are approved.
  • Please refer to the MPTC Student Handbook for additional enrollment fee information.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply the principles of design to develop strategic marketing and communication products and services.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of design software, tools and technology.
  • Implement creative solutions from concept through completion using a formal process.
  • Apply effective legal and ethical business practices and project management skills.
  • Communicate artwork rationale in formal and informal settings.

Career Opportunities

  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Digital Prepress Technician
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Photo Technician

Admission Process

  • Submit the college admission application.   
  • Submit the $30 one-time fee.   
  • Submit high school and other official college transcripts.   
  • Take the college assessment test (ACCUPLACER, ACT or other). The ACCUPLACER assessment can be taken at MPTC.   

Please visit the Admissions page for general information.

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Number Title Crs
Semester 1
103-159 **Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
103-170 Beginning Photoshop 2
103-174 InDesign 2
111-101 Introduction to Graphic Communication 3
204-112 Design Fundamentals 3
801-136 English Composition 1 3
890-101 **College 101 2
Total 16
Semester 2
104-133 Social Video Creation 3
152-107 Graphics for the Web 2
204-102 Vector Illustration 1 2
204-105 Designing for Mobile Platforms 3
204-111 Typography 3
801-1xx Communication Course 3
Total 16
Semester 3
196-189 Team Building and Problem Solving 3
204-100 Imaging Editing 2
204-134 Design Production and Planning 1 3
204-144 Vector Illustration 2 3
804-1xx Mathematics Course 3
809-1xx Behavioral Science Course 3
Total 17
Semester 4
204-116 Digital Graphic Imaging 3
204-168 Design Production and Planning 2: Digital Output 3
204-181 Prepress Process Color 3
809-1xx Social Science Course 3
809-1xx Social Science Course 3
Total 15
Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements 64

Institutional Requirements

** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation.

Program Guide

For additional information on program curriculum, prerequisites and general education course options, please contact your advisor.

Transfer Opportunities

Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.

Additional Information

*Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

For co-curricular activities and opportunities related to this program/certificate, click here.