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Information Technology (IT) – Cybersecurity Specialist

Associate of Applied Science│2 Years│66 Credits│Fond du Lac, West Bend, Online│ Eligible for Financial Aid

Become an expert in internet security and enter a complex and quickly-growing career field with the Information Technology – Cybersecurity Specialist program.

Earn 2 IT Degrees At Once!

With an additional 18 credits, students can earn both the Cybersecurity Specialist and Network Specialist Associate of Applied Science IT degrees in only five terms.

Earn 3 IT Degrees At Once!

With an additional 27 credits, students can earn the Cybersecurity Specialist, Network Specialist and Technical Support Specialist Associate of Applied Science IT degrees in only six terms.

Cyberattacks are the fastest-growing crime in the U.S., and the complexity of these attacks is alarming. In response, organizations require internal resources to prevent these threats. The Information Technology – Cybersecurity Specialist program prepares students to work as cybersecurity specialists, whose main responsibility is to protect an organization’s computer network and systems.  They are also skilled at maintaining system security to prevent cyberattacks.

What You’ll Learn

Graduates will protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability while learning ways to implement security mechanisms. Emphasis is placed on vigilant security awareness, identifying network threats and deploying appropriate incident responses. Curriculum is aligned with industry recognized standards and prepares students for certification in IT security.

  • Identify security strategies
  • Implement secure infrastructures
  • Conduct security testing
  • Analyze security data
  • Mitigate risk
  • Develop security documentation