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High School Students and Parents, what do you need to know?

What to Consider When Selecting a College 

Review the top 10 topics (From Cost to Housing to Services) related to becoming a Moraine Park Technical College program studentDo you have questions?  Email us at recruitment@morainepark.edu

Earn College Credits while still in High School

Early High School Grads – January Program Admission

Ambitious students who will graduate in fewer than four full years of high school may be eligible for admission as an early graduate. However, there are important extra steps and planning required. Learn more on our Early High School Graduates page.

Resources for Home School Students

Moraine Park Technical College is proud to be a homeschool friendly college. We are dedicated to supporting the homeschoolers in our community and want to help you with any questions you have regarding higher education. Learn more here.

Earn Your High School Diploma

  • Alternative High School (HSAP) Students who are at-risk of graduating from high school my attend Moraine Park’s Alternative High School Program.  Students must be referred by their high school to attend.
  • GED/HSED – If you are at least 18 years 6 months of age, or the class with which you entered 9th grade has graduated, you are eligible for the GED/HSED Program.