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Returning Student

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Welcome Back!

If you were previously in a program and want to complete that program or start a new program, pick the best option:

  1.  Did you take 1 or 2 semesters off? You may still be active in that program. Call 800-472-4554, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS and schedule a meeting with your advisor.
  2.  If you’ve been away from your program for more than 18 months but want to continue in the same program, you need to be readmitted. Just apply online but don’t repay the $30 application fee.  Your other records are still on file so we’ll let you know what else is needed after you submit the new application.
  3.  Have you been away and now want to switch to a different program or graduated from a program? Submit a new application online.  You won’t need to pay the $30 application fee if you’ve previously paid it. Your other records are still on file so we’ll let you know what else is needed.

Please refer to the Important Student Dates for registration dates, financial aid deadlines and other important information.

Returning to take a class?

Great! There’s no need to apply to take a class or two, as long as the class isn’t program-restricted. Find more information about class registration here.


Don’t hesitate to ask! Student services staff can help you either in-person or by phone:

  • Call 920-924-3207, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS or 1-800-472-4554, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS
  • In person: view Student Services hours here