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What is General Education and why is it important?

Through communication, math, science, and social science courses, students have an opportunity to deepen interests and self-discovery. General education courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills used not only academically, but personally and professionally.

In today’s complex, diverse, and interconnected world, general education courses richen a student’s awareness of the community around them. Students learn to respond effectively utilizing critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. These skills enhance skill-sets employers seek and create a platform to make informed decisions essential for individual success.

For further information regarding general education courses, please contact Rachel Benike, Administrative Assistant in General Education at 920 -924-3195 or Lane Holte, Associate Dean of General Education at 920-924-3307, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS.

lane holte

Lane Holte

Associate Dean of General Education


Meghan Beggs

Administrative Assistant


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Tuition costs. Because $$$ matters.

Local 4-year college cost
Cost* of 3-credit general education class at MPTC
Other local 2-year college cost

*Tuition based on 2021-2022 figures. Numbers are subject to change.