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STEM in early childhood education

What is STEM in early childhood education? Students learned how to plan activities in science, technology, engineering and math appropriate for young children. We want young children develop a sound base of skills and love for science, technology, math and engineering. This starts well before elementary school with our educated child care teachers conducting intentional [...]

Moraine Park Plans In-Person Commencement Ceremony

Moraine Park Technical College has announced plans for a limited access in-person commencement ceremony—thanks to the support of their community partner, the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Fond du Lac.  Typically, the College collaborates with its longtime community partner, Fond du Lac High School, to host the annual ceremony. However, with increased restrictions at [...]

Believe it or Not!

Cortland Henning, MPTC Newman Civic Fellow What would you think if I told you that local elections are the most important kind of elections, even outweighing national elections? Believe it or not, you can make the most change happen here at home by just participating in your local elections! Unlike national elections, local elections help [...]

Water Quality Technology Program

Moraine Park’s Water Quality Technology program provides students with the skills and training to perform testing, analysis and treatment to community and industrial water supplies. Water Quality technicians are responsible for ensuring that the water we use is safe and that discharge water is processed effectively. Their work combines the precision and accuracy found in [...]

Business & Industry

Your business relies on a skilled workforce. Moraine Park works with businesses like yours to understand their needs — both current and future. Then we recommend solutions that help you move your business forward.

Manufacturing Boot Camps

Moraine Park is helping combat the skilled worker shortage by providing training and skill development – or boot camps – in a variety of Manufacturing Skills Academies. Each boot camp is a unique career pathway.

Professional Development

You may have a small number of employees to train or want your staff to network with other business professionals. No matter your need, Moraine Park’s offerings will help your employees build skills.

Koy S.

I transferred to Moraine Park from a 4-year university to pursue a career in Gas Utility. Through this program I get to help people and communities - we all need power for our everyday lives. At the College, I became involved in clubs and activities, which allowed me to make many friends and continue to build leadership skills outside of the classroom.

Koy S.

Gas Utility Construction and Service '20

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