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Traffic Safety, Group Dynamics and Multiple Offender Classes

​Traffic Safety Courses

Moraine Park Technical College and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) administer traffic safety courses that enable drivers to reduce demerit points assessed against their driving privilege.

Traffic Safety, Group Dynamics, and Multiple Offender courses are offered face-to-face and are held on campus at Moraine Park. There are no online courses offered for these courses, and online third-party courses are not accepted.

Traffic Safety Course Offerings

Class Length: 12 Hours

Focuses on reducing traffic violations and accidents in Wisconsin. Students receive information about defensive driving, risks and consequences of aggressive driving, safety belts and airbags, Wisconsin traffic law and penalties, crash risk, and impaired driving. To modify high risk driving a Personal Change Plan is developed by the student. This course can only be taken once every 3 years to reduce up to 3 points.

Q: Do I need to take this class before my court date? 

A: No, you can take it before or after your court date. However, if you have more than 12 points after your court date the Department of Transportation will suspend your driving privileges. 

Q: Do I need a court order to take this course? 

A: No, this is a voluntary class. 

Class Length: 24 Hours

Focuses on first time OWI Offenders who have been assessed as irresponsible users by an alcohol/other drug abuse assessor in a county treatment facility. The emphasis is on education and changing their behavior. Each student develops Personal Change Plans to avoid problems with on-going impaired driving. 

Class Length: 33 Hours

Focuses on individuals who have multiple OWI charges and have been assessed as irresponsible users by an alcohol/other drug abuse assessor in a county treatment facility. The emphasis is on education and changing behavior.  Students develop Personal Change Plans to avoid ongoing problems with impaired driving. This course also includes a 90 day follow up interview to check progress/success with their Personal Change Plans. 

The Failure to Yield/Right of Way requirement can be satisfied through a short online or in-person class through a private provider.
Please visit the WI-DOT website for more information:  https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/license-drvs/susp-or-rvkd/yield.aspx

The 12-hour in-person Traffic Safety Point Reduction Course may also be used to satisfy this requirement.

Traffic Safety FAQs

Course Availability / Completion

Group Dynamics, Multiple Offender and Point Reduction courses are not offered online in the State of Wisconsin. The exception is the Failure to Yield course (however, MPTC does not offer the Failure to Yield course). https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/license-drvs/susp-or-rvkd/traf-safety.aspx

The student has the option to adjust their schedule and attend class, request their paperwork to be transferred to a different WTCS college for course enrollment, or risk being placed in non-compliance with WI-DOT. Once a student is placed in non-compliance, the student will incur an additional fee with the WI-DOT in order to reinstate their license.

In situations where the current schedule of open classes does not work, Student Services staff will direct students to the Traffic Safety email/inbox mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu . The student will receive an auto response to time/date stamp the correspondence for Moraine Park and the student record.

Prospective students may visit the WI-DOT website for a comprehensive list of locations around the state that offer Traffic Safety courses. https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/license-drvs/susp-or-rvkd/traf-safety.aspx
Students that wish to transfer to another college must notify the Human Services Administrative Assistant mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu

At the final session of class, the student will receive a signed copy of the Course Completion form signed by the course instructor. Additionally, MPTC will notify the WI-DOT of the student’s successful completion of traffic safety requirements. Allow at least ten business days for your completion to be reported to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

No – Your assessment is good for one year from the date you had it.

However, per your signed Traffic Safety Assessment, you have 72 business hours to register for a class. (You must pay for the class at the time of registration.)

“The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be notified if the client fails to substantially comply with the driver safety plan. Copies of this report will be distributed to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the county department, under s.51.52 Wis. Stats., or its approved agency, the driver safety plan provider named above, and the client.

I understand the recommendations made above, that my participation in the plan will make me more aware of the effects of driving while intoxicated on victims and their families, and agree to comply. I further understand that if it’s discovered that I provided the assessor with any invalid information this assessment can be considered void. I have been informed as to the fee provisions under s.46.03(18)(f) Wis. Stats. For assessment and driver safety plan costs. I agree to set an appointment with my chosen driver safety plan provider, named above, within 72 hours. I further understand that if I fail to comply with the driver safety plan, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will withdraw my driver’s license indefinitely until I complete the plan satisfactorily.”


To successfully complete Traffic Safety courses, you must attend all classes for the full class period. The ONLY excused absence is a documented medical absence or the death of an immediate family member. In the case of a documented absence, you can only miss 1 class period at a total of 3 hours. Caution: in courses where the schedule exceeds a 3-hour block, no absence is permitted.

  • If you drop your course before it starts, you will receive a full refund. If you drop after class has started your refund is prorated based on the number of sessions attended. If you do not attend any of the sessions and you did not drop the course, you are not eligible for any refund.
    The MPTC No Show policy for UG level courses does not apply to Traffic Safety refund policy.
  • Failure to attend may result in WI-DOT Non-Compliance. Contact the Traffic Safety Admin at mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu for more information regarding compliance.

Students are eligible to bring in a personal interpreter to facilitate successful completion of the enrolled course. Interpreters must be over the age of 18, commit to the duration of the course, and abide by confidentiality. Students in need of an interpreter should contact the Traffic Safety Admin for approval and instructor notification. Students should utilize the Traffic Safety email in box as the method of seeking approval for an interpreter. (mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu)

Disability Resources facilitates equal access for students with disabilities, allowing full participation in educational programs, services and campus activities through appropriate and reasonable a accommodations while maintaining the academic standards and integrity of the College. To submit a request for accommodation please visit: https://www.morainepark.edu/experience-mptc/student-resources/disability-resources

WI DOT / Traffic Safety Paperwork

Paper copy: 

  • The Traffic Safety Admin may be able to complete this form while you are on campus for registration.
    NOTE: It is highly
    recommended that you call  800-472-4554 prior to coming to a campus to register to verify someone will be available for this service.
    If you do not call ahead, the service may not be available when you arrive, or you may need to allow at least 90 minutes for the process to be completed.
  • Students may also request a copy of this form by submitting an email to Traffic Safety email address at mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu
    If this option is selected, the estimated timeline for receipt of the MV form would be up to 2 business days. The completed form will be sent to the email from which it originated. If you do not receive this form within two business days, please check your SPAM.  

  • If you have previously registered for the course and paid, you may also opt to call the Traffic Safety Admin to request the form at (920)924-3270, you may need to leave a voice mail.

Electronic copy: 

  • Received from the WI-DOT. If this option is selected, the anticipated wait may be up to 3 business days. This option is not controlled by MPTC.  

Students whose MV3521 form indicates their non-compliance status is VALID due to non-registration will need to take a printed copy of the MV3521 form, along with required payment, to the WI-DMV to reinstate their license.  (www.wisconsindot.gov)

  • It is the responsibility of the student to work with the assessor to confirm a WI-DOT traffic safety course will meet the requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to report your completion to the state in which the offense occurred.
  • Also, please contact the Traffic Safety Admin at  mptctrafficsafety@morainepark.edu to let us know that you are coming to class for an out-of-state offense. 

Moraine Park personnel are not able to answer this question. We recommend that you review the WI-DOT website (www.wisconsindot.govto check the status of your license.

Please refer to the WI DOT website for the answer to this question www.wisconsindot.gov.