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Water Quality Technology Program

Associate of Applied Science│Online Degree│ 2 Years│63 Credits│Eligible for Financial Aid

WI Median Salary for Recent Graduates: $55,585

Water quality issues are continuing to increase in the country—and so are career opportunities in the water technology industry. Moraine Park’s Water Quality Technology program prepares students for a rewarding technical career through hands-on training and industry expertise.

Each day, municipalities and industries generate billions of gallons of wastewater that must be collected, analyzed and treated. Through targeted instruction and an on-the-job internship, students learn how to test, analyze and improve operational procedures at water treatment facilities. Students unable to secure an internship will have opportunities to do a research project.

Water Quality technicians are responsible for ensuring that the water we use is safe and that discharge water is processed effectively. Their work combines the precision and accuracy found in the biochemical laboratory with operational aptitude and troubleshooting skills.

Water Quality Technician at a Pool of Water

MPTC’s Program graduates also have employment opportunities as environmental technicians and field service technicians at companies that design and install water treatment equipment for municipalities and manufacturing companies.

Water Quality Technology students learn to…

  • Analyze and improve operational procedures at water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Test, analyze and treat community and industrial water supplies and wastewater
  • Analyze and improve equipment maintenance programs for water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Determine flow rate in hydraulic designs to control treatment processes and treatment facilities
  • Determine industrial waste treatment strategies to minimize impact of waste streams
  • Determine and employ optimization strategies for water treatment and wastewater treatment processes and treatment facilities