Electrical Power Distribution

Program Number: 31-413-2
School Year: 2020-2021
Technical Diploma (1 year)
Campus: Beaver Dam
This program is eligible for financial aid

Climb to new heights in your career with a one-year Electrical Power Distribution technical diploma at Moraine Park Technical College.

About the Program

Reach new heights in the diverse and exciting field of Electrical Power Distribution. Students in this one-year program get theoretical and hands-on training in all phases of power line construction and maintenance. Individuals must be comfortable working at varying heights during extreme weather conditions. Good eyesight, hearing and manual dexterity are required to be successful.

What You'll Learn

Students gain knowledge about the workings of electrical power systems. Preparing to work as power linemen, students demonstrate the required physical skills needed with hands-on training in the field. Graduates of the program are prepared to use both hands to perform pole work and construct various electrical distribution systems. Students learn safety standards and how they apply to work activities and operating equipment associated with electrical distribution needs.

Number Title Crs
Semester 1
103-159 Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
413-103 Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Preparation 1
413-308 Electrical Concepts for Utilities 2
413-309 Line Technician 1 5
413-310 Line Technician 2 5
413-318 Directional Boring 2
804-363 Algebraic Applications for Electrical Trades 2
890-101 College 101 2
Total 20
Semester 2
469-347 ***Safety Applications for Utilities 1 (January-1 week) 1
413-142 Introduction to Electrical Substations 3
413-311 Line Technician 3 5
413-312 Line Technician 4 5
469-348 Safety Applications for Utilities 2 1
806-375 Applied Science 2
809-300 Occupational Success Strategies 2
Total 19
Total Credits 39