Culinary Assistant

Program Number: 31-316-1
School Year: 2020-2021
Technical Diploma (1 year)
Campus: Fond du Lac
This program is eligible for financial aid

Join an in-demand job field and earn a credential in less than a year with Moraine Park’s Culinary Assistant technical diploma.

About the Program

The Culinary Assistant diploma at MPTC sets students up to be successful in any food preparation environment.

What You'll Learn

Students in the Culinary Assistant courses gain hands-on culinary skills in a state-of-the-art lab, with instructors who work in the culinary field. Graduates are trained in a broad range of cooking techniques and preparation methods.

Safety and sanitation, nutrition, and customer service concepts are also covered. Graduates of the Culinary Assistant program are prepared to plan menus, assist in food service management, and use wholesome ingredients to prepare nutritious meals.

Culinary Assistant diploma credits transfer directly into Moraine Park’s Culinary Arts Associate of Applied Science degree.

Number Title Crs
Semester 1
103-159 Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
316-102 Culinary Principles 3
316-105 Science of Baking 1
316-106 Entree 1 4
316-108 Meat Analysis 1 1
316-111 Soups and Sauces 2
316-122 Nutrition 1
316-148 Sanitation and Safety 1
804-1xx Mathematics Course 3
890-101 College 101 2
Total 19
Semester 2
316-107 Entree 2 4
316-109 Meat Analysis 2 1
316-110 Breakfast Cookery 2
316-112 Cold Foods (Sandwich and Salad) 1
316-160 Restaurant Baking 2
316-169 Cakes, Tortes and Desserts 2
316-181 Customer Sales and Service 1
801-136 English Composition 1 3
Total 16
Total Credits 35