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Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship

Gain on-the-job training and perfect a wide range of installation, manufacturing and maintenance skills with the Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship at Moraine Park Technical College.

Maintenance technicians perform tasks related to installation and repair of manufacturing, process and facility related equipment.  Both mechanical and electrical skills are applied to preventative and predictive maintenance, equipment repairs and equipment enhancements.

What You’ll Learn

To succeed within an industrial working environment, maintenance technician apprentices will need to learn safety precautions, print reading, National Electrical Code, motor controls, programmable controllers, preventative and predictive practices and fluid power. This apprenticeship combines theory and hands-on instruction to each student enhancing the skills required for a career in the technical trades.

Work Description

Maintenance Technicians perform tasks to adjust, modify, repair and improve equipment and processes within an industrial environment.  They also read blueprints, install hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and controls.  Preventative maintenance, bearing diagnostics, mechanical drives and pump system repairs are additional tasks completed by Maintenance Technicians.

Maintenance Technicians will also perform electrical tasks such as troubleshooting with the use of a multimeter, oscilloscope and other testing equipment.  They install conduit, electrical circuits, and electrical controls such as timers, relays, and variable speed drives.  Utilizing a Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) is another technical skill that assists in troubleshooting and improving manufacturing equipment.    Maintenance Technicians also perform machining, welding and other tasks using hand tools, mills and lathes.

For safety, Maintenance Technicians must understand the risks and hazards when working on industrial equipment.  A practical understanding of OSHA is required in addition to referencing and understanding the National Electrical Code designed to protect persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Details

Program Courses

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