Nursing – Associate Degree With a Practical Nursing Exit Point

Program Number: 10-543-1
School Year: 2020-2021
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Campus: Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac, West Bend
This program is eligible for financial aid
Full-Time Enrollment Only

Pursue your passion for helping people and health care—become an LPN or RN in less than two years with an associate degree in Nursing from Moraine Park Technical College.

About the Program

Moraine Park’s Nursing—Associate Degree with a Practical Nursing Exit Point program prepares graduates for careers as licensed practical nurses (LPN) or registered nurses (RN) through hands-on classroom instruction, laboratory practice and clinical nursing experiences.

The MPTC Nursing program is designed so students can complete the first two semesters, take the Practical Nursing National Council Licensure Examination, and seek employment as LPNs. Students can also complete the full four semesters, earn an associate degree in Nursing (ADN), take the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses and apply for employment as RNs.

The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326 (phone 404-975-5000) and the Wisconsin Board of Nursing (phone 608-267-2357).

Moraine Park Technical College Nursing Program Results

2018 NCLEX Pass Rates

Passing Mean: 99%

National Passing Mean: 85%

What You’ll Learn

Moraine Park’s Nursing program prepares students for entry-level careers in the health care industry, giving you knowledge and skills to provide patient-centered care with integrity, use social, mathematical, physical sciences, pharmacology and pathophysiology in clinical decision making, use new technology to manage data and improve patient care, and more.

Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates
Approximate Costs
Program Outcomes
Career Opportunities
Career Pathways
Program Opportunities
Admission Process
Special Admission Requirements
Transfer Opportunities
Additional Information
Approximate Costs
  • $136.50 per credit (resident)
  • $204.75 per credit (out-of-state resident)
  • Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.
  • Please refer to the MPTC Student Handbook for additional enrollment fee information.
Program Outcomes
  • Implement one's role as a nurse in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility, ethical practices, and an evolving professional identity as a nurse committed to evidence-based practice, caring advocacy and quality care.
  • Demonstrate appropriate written, verbal, and nonverbal communication in a variety of clinical contexts.
  • Integrate social, mathematical, and physical sciences, pharmacology, and pathophysiology in clinical decision making.
  • Provide patient centered care by utilizing the nursing process across diverse populations and health care settings.
  • Minimize risk of harm to patients, members of the health care team and self through safe individual performance and participation in system effectiveness.
  • Lead the multidisciplinary health care team to provide effective patient care throughout the lifespan.
  • Use information and technology to communicate, manage data, mitigate error, and support decision-making.
Career Opportunities
  • Entry level; after passing National Council Licensure Exam
  • Staff Nurse
  • Primary Nurse
  • Specialized Nursing
Program Opportunities

Aggregated Data for Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend

  1. Graduates' Success on the National Council of Licensure Exam for Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN):

Expected level of achievement:

80% of first time test takes will pass on first attempt. Performance of ADN graduates will be at or above the national average on NCLEX 1st attempt.

Results: Aggregated program NCLEX-RN pass rate:

  • 2018: 99%
  • 2017: 93.6%
  • 2016: 88.3%
  • 2015: 96.97%

2. Program Completion:

Expected level of achievement:

60% or more of ADN students will complete the nursing program within 150% of program length. 

Results: (academic year, July 1 through June 30)

  • 2018: 74%
  • 2017: 78.2%
  • 2016: 72.2%

3. Job Placement:

Expected level of achievement:

90% of graduates responding to survey will report employment within one year of graduation..

Results: Employment rates (academic year, July 1 through June 30)

  • 2017/2018: 94%
  • 2016/2017: 93%
  • 2015/2016: 90%
  • 2014/2015: 98%
Admission Process

  • Health Requirements
  • Criminal Background Check

Visit the Admissions Page for details

Special Admission Requirements

Petition Requirements (For Petition Requirements see myMPTC Student, My Academics, Program Information, Program Forms, Nursing Petition Process)

Transfer Opportunities

Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.

Additional Information

*Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

An exit assessment is a graduation requirement for Practical Nursing Exit. Clinical evaluations are an exit assessment graduation requirement for the Associate Degree Nursing program.

Practical Nursing Exit must complete all courses in Semesters 1 and 2 including Institutional Requirements.

Nursing - Associate Degree with a Practical Nursing Exit Point Job Placement Rate

This is the number of students that gain employment in the Nursing - Associate Degree with a Practical Nursing Exit Point program within six months of graduation as published in the Graduation Follow-up Report found at College annually conducts a survey with graduates six months after they graduate to better understand their employment status and satisfaction with their Moraine Park education. The data from the survey is compiled into the Graduate Follow-Up Report, which is solely based on confidential surveys completed by Moraine Park graduates.

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Request Program Info

Clinical Admissions Requirements
Petition Requirements - See Special Admission Requirements
806-177General Anatomy and Physiology4
806-179Advanced Anatomy and Physiology4
Semester 1
103-159**Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office1
543-101Nursing Fundamentals2
543-102Nursing Skills3
543-103Nursing Pharmacology2
543-104Nursing: Introduction to Clinical Practice2
801-136English Composition 13
809-188Developmental Psychology3
890-101**College 1012
Semester 2
543-105Nursing: Health Alterations3
543-106Nursing: Health Promotion3
543-107Nursing: Clinical Care Across the Lifespan2
543-108Nursing: Introduction to Clinical Care Management2
801-196Oral and Interpersonal Communication3
Semester 3
543-109Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 13
543-110Nursing: Mental Health and Community Concepts2
543-111Nursing: Intermediate Clinical Practice3
543-112Nursing Advanced Skills1
809-198Introduction to Psychology3
Semester 4
543-113Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 23
543-114Nursing: Management and Professional Concepts2
543-115Nursing: Advanced Clinical Practice3
543-116Nursing Clinical Transition2
809-1xxSocial Science Course3
Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements68