Nursing Petition Process

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After completing admissions, students are provisionally accepted to the Nursing Program.  That means students start in “pre-core” status where they take general education classes and complete other requirements.  (MPTC does review and accept transfer credits from other colleges that may meet certain petition criteria.)  Once specific courses, grades and other requirements are met, a “pre-core” student is eligible to petition to start core courses.

Nursing Petition Process

Moraine Park Technical College and the Nursing Program use a petition process to move students into core nursing courses.  Students interested in completing either the Associate Degree Nursing or LPN to ADN Progression Track programs must start by applying for admission to the College.  Qualified applicants will be admitted as pre-core students.  Pre-core students who are then ready to begin the core (543-xxx) nursing courses inform the Nursing Program of this through a process known as petitioning.*  Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for important details about the Nursing Petition Process.

*Admission and petition requirements are subject to change.  Please review the current requirements prior to submitting your application for admission or Nursing Petition Form.

Please note that submitting a petition form does NOT guarantee a spot in the core program.  This is a competitive process.  It provides an equal opportunity for eligible students to declare they are ready to transition to core coursework.

Note: CPR Certification is not required in order to petition, but must be completed prior to beginning core (543-xxx) courses. For more information, view the Nursing CPR Requirements.

Nursing Petition Form

In order to petition, students must meet the requirements outlined on the Nursing Petition Form, including completion of the required Pre-Admission Exam.

Please see the Nursing Program Petition Scoring Rubric for additional information.

The next petition period is September 20-26, 2021 for Spring (January) 2022 start.

We have moved to an online Nursing Petition process. Please contact your Academic Advisor for additional information.

Associate Degree Nursing Program

Petition Forms will be accepted during the designated dates in both fall and spring semesters.

LPN to ADN Progression Track Program

Petition Forms will be accepted during the designated dates in the spring semester only for a fall semester start.