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Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship│Online Degree│ 3 Semesters│24 Credits

Learn the skills needed to become an effective wastewater operator through the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Apprenticeship at Moraine Park.

Whether you have the mechanical aptitude or are a problem-solving guru, Moraine Park’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Apprenticeship is designed to turn students into effective wastewater operators that the complex water industry needs. This three-year program will cover everything required to successfully prepare students for wastewater jobs. Students can take their education to the next level by earning advanced certifications in the trade.

What You’ll Learn

Students will learn how to monitor, maintain and adjust a wide variety of systems found in wastewater treatment plants through hands-on learning and on-the-job training. Classes, which are taught by highly skilled instructors who work in the field, teach students how to adjust sludge thickness on flotation thickeners and collect various samples.

Water treatment plant

Learn how to…

  • Operate pre-treatment and collection systems.
  • Manage wastewater treatment plant processes.
  • Operate wastewater treatment plant facilities and equipment.
  • Maintain wastewater treatment plant equipment and technology.
  • Manage wastewater treatment plant bio-solids programs.
  • Communicate plant and wastewater treatment specific information effectively.
  • Promote a safe work environment for self and others.
  • Perform management related duties based on need.
  • Manage laboratory testing, equipment, and reporting.
  • Utilize computers and wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Comply with wastewater treatment regulations.