Medication Assistant

Program Number: 30-510-5
School Year: 2015-2016
Technical Diploma
Campus: Contract Class

Program Description

Prepares experienced nursing assistants, currently on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, to administer medications to residents of a Skilled Care Nursing Facility.  The scope of the course covers the role of the Medication Assistant, legalities of medication administration, control and storage of drugs, techniques of administering drugs and record keeping.  The combination of lecture/discussion classes, practice labs and clinical experience also covers drug actions and impact on body systems, utilization of drug reference material and recognition of drug side effects.  Qualifies the graduate for inclusion on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry with Medication Aide status.

Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

  • $24,750

Program Outcomes

  • Define the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with the role of Medication Assistant.
  • Identify factors that influence the effects of medications on individuals.
  • Utilize guidelines common to administration of all medications.
  • Utilize knowledge of systems of measurement when administering medications.
  • Administer medications safely and efficiently by selected routes.
  • Identify effects of common medications on each body system.
  • Describe the effect of normal aging on pharmacokinetics.

Career Opportunities

  • Medication Assistant
  • Medication Aide

Admission Process

  • Submit the college admission application.   
  • Submit the $30 one-time fee.   
  • Submit high school and other official college transcripts.   

Please visit the Admissions page for general information.

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Number Title Crs
Term 1
510-301 Medication Assistant 3
Total 3

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Transfer Opportunities

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Additional Information

Applicants must be 18 years of age.

Have a high school diploma, HSED or GED.

Be listed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry with current Federal eligibility.

Have at least 2000 hours experience in direct patient care in the past three years.

Have worked a minimum of 40 hours, within the last 90 days, caring for the same residents the student will be working with during the medication assistant clinical experience.

Be recommended in writing by the director of nursing and the administrator of the agency in which the student will be working during clinical experience.  Be recommended in writing by two licensed charge nurses, one of whom must be a registered nurse.

Be currently employed as a certified nursing assistant in a skilled-care facility.

Comply with clinical agency background check and health requirements.