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Business Analyst Program

Associate of Applied Science│2 Years│63 Credits│Online Program│Eligible for Financial Aid

WI Median Salary for Recent Graduates: $48,880

Take your communication and analytical skills to the next level with a Business Analyst associate degree. Moraine Park is the first Wisconsin two-year college to have all Business Analyst core courses endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA).

Business analysts are natural problem solvers and innovators working in business and IT environments. They identify business needs to improve the organizations they work with.

The Business Analyst coursework prepares students to meet the demands of a fast-paced, data-driven world:

  • Navigate organizational structures, cultures and policies.
  • Identify and analyze business needs.
  • Demonstrate leadership by managing business and/or IT projects.
  • Communicate with a diverse mix of people within and outside an organization.

“Fostering a next generation of business analysis professionals extends beyond a classroom setting. Moraine Park Technical College works closely with its local advisory board and regional committees to promote the profession and skillset of business analysis. The college also collaborates with regional groups, such as The New Digital Alliance. Participation with the Alliance provides opportunity to examine national trends and solicit broader feedback from organizations across Northeast Wisconsin.

We continue to see an increase in employment demand for individuals who possess a skill set associated with business analysis, spanning multiple industries,’ says Bobbi Fields, Associate Dean of Business and IT at Moraine Park Technical College.”

How Are Higher Education Members Reshaping Business Analysis? Part Two | Analyst Catalyst Blog, IIBA

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