Financial Aid Notices and FAQs

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Q.  How do I avoid setting up a payment plan or paying for my classes should I be eligible to receive financial aid?

A.  Submit all of your required documents to Financial Aid by the due date and we will guarantee to complete your file before payment is due. Start early with your FAFSA application.

The FAFSA priority date for Fall semester is April 15.  In order to have your financial aid completed by the Fall payment date, all documents are due June 1.  You may turn in documents after the due date, but you will need to either setup a payment plan on myMPTC or make payment on your own until your financial aid is awarded to you.

The FAFSA priority date for Spring semester is October 15. In order to have your financial aid completed by the Spring payment date, all documents are due the third Wednesday of November. You may turn in documents after the due date, but you will need to either setup a payment plan on myMPTC or make payment on your own until your financial aid is awarded to you. (Back to top)

Q.  Are my classes going to be dropped if my financial aid is not ready?

A.  If your financial aid is not complete before payment for classes is due, you will need to sign up for a payment plan on myMPTC or pay your bill in full. Once processing of your financial aid is complete, it will be applied toward the remaining balance of your payment plan. You are required to continue making payments on your payment plan until processing of your financial aid is complete or your balance is paid in full. Please note: If your financial aid is complete, BUT a high school transcript is still outstanding, your financial aid will not hold your classes. Anyone with financial aid awarded, but is missing a transcript will need to setup payment plan before payment is due. (Back to top)

Q.  How do I know my financial aid is complete?

A.  You will receive an email indicating how you can view/accept your financial aid on myMPTC.  (Back to top)

Q.  How do I view/accept my financial aid on myMPTC?

A.  Check out a demonstration video at aid for step by step directions.  It is important to review each of the steps to accept your financial aid.  Be sure to read the  Financial Aid Guide for more information on the specifics of aid you are awarded.  (Back to top)

Q.  What if my financial aid award is not enough to cover my tuition?

A.   If your charges exceed your awarded financial aid, you are responsible to pay the balance.  Payment plan information is available on myMPTC.  An additional Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan may be available in addition to the initial offer on your financial aid award. If you feel you need an additional loan to attend Moraine Park, complete the Additional Loan Request form available on the Financial Aid website and return to the Student Services Center. If you enroll in a payment plan you must make payments until your financial aid is credited to your student account to avoid late fee charges.  (Back to top)

Q.  When will financial aid be disbursed to my student account?

A.  At the time of disbursement, funds will be credited to your student account and a refund will be generated if applicable.  Students are encouraged to sign up for e-refunds to receive any excess financial aid. If you have not opted into e-Refunds, it will be at least 10 business days after disbursement before a refund check will be printed. Click on Important Student Dates to find specific disbursement dates.  (Back to top)


Q.  How do I sign up to get excess financial aid funds electronically?

A.  To set up e-Refunds (Direct Deposit), go to My Finances and click MaxPay. You will be directed to Transact, where you can add or edit your refund options under My Account. (Your funds may be deposited to your pre-paid credit card. Call the phone number on the back of your card for the routing number/more information.) (Back to top)

Q. What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

A. In order to receive any federal student aid, you must maintain satisfactory progress in the course of study you are pursuing. Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for financial aid is defined as the successful completion of at least 67 percent of all cumulative credits attempted with at least a 2.0 grade point average. The maximum time frame students may receive federal and state financial aid cannot exceed 150 percent of the number of credits required to earn a degree. More information can be found in Moraine Park’s Award Guide(Back to top)

Q.  What is the Date of Record?

A.  The Date of Record is the 15th calendar day of each semester.  Financial aid awards are locked as of this date.  Please make sure you have enrolled in all of your courses for the semester by this date, as there will be no adjustments for classes added after the date of record.  (Back to top)

Q.  Do I need to be full time to get financial aid?

A.  A student does not need to be full time for most types of financial aid.  Students eligible for a Pell grant can usually receive it for any level of enrollment.  Students must be at least half-time for student loans and state grants.
Enrollment status:

  • Full time=12 Credits or More
  • 3/4 Time=9 to 11 Credits
  • Half time=6 to 8 Credits
  • Less than half time= 1 to 5 Credits  (Back to top)

Q.  Can I take courses outside of my curriculum/program?

A.  Credits must be required for program graduation in order to count in financial aid credit load.  Please select your classes carefully. You must be accepted into an aid eligible program and registered for classes according to the state-approved curriculum in order to receive financial aid.   If you need help, contact your Academic Advisor(Back to top)

Q.  How do I know if I am a first time borrower for a loan?

A.  If you have never borrowed a student loan while a student at Moraine Park Technical College, you are a first time borrower.  A first time borrower will not have a first loan disbursement until 30 days into the semester.  (Back to top)

Q.  How can I use financial aid to get my books?

A.  You may use a future financial aid credit balance to charge books and supplies at the Moraine Park bookstore.  A Financial Aid Award notice must be accepted on the student’s myMPTC account before the payment due date in order to qualify to charge your books.  Dates books will be available and posted on the Bookstore’s website and myMPTC Student. Students will also receive an email notification from the bookstore reminding them of those dates. Click here for details.  (Back to top)

Q.  What happens if I add a class?

A.  Courses must be added before the date of record to count in financial aid credit load.  If you add a course before the date of record, please contact the Student Services Center to request a review of your financial aid enrollment status.  (Back to top)

Q.  What happens if I drop a class?

A.  If you are planning on dropping a class after the Date of Record for the current semester, please contact the financial aid office to determine how the drop will impact your financial aid award.  Depending on the circumstances, you may owe money back.  Keep in mind that courses dropped at 60% or 0% refund will count as a course attempted for Satisfactory Academic Progress.  (Back to top)

Q.  What happens if I drop all of my classes or receive an “F” in all my courses?

A.  Federal law requires schools to calculate how much federal financial aid a student has earned if that student:

  • completely withdraws, or
  • stops attending before completing the semester, or
  • does not complete all modules (courses which are not scheduled for the entire semester) for which he/she has registered at the time those modules began.
  • receives all “F”s for all courses in any semester.

The student may also be suspended due to Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Based on this calculation, Moraine Park Technical College students who receive federal financial aid and do not complete all their scheduled classes during a semester could be responsible to repay a portion of the aid they received. Read more  (Back to top)

Q.  Where can I check the amount that I owe and my refund in myMPTC?

A.  To check your account balance, go to the myFinances section and click on MaxPay. Here you can see your charges, estimated financial aid and any estimated financial aid refund.  (Back to top)

Q.  What happens if I withdraw from or don’t pass my classes and I have financial aid?

A.  View more information on our Financial Consequences of Withdrawing or Not Passing Classes page.  (Back to top)

Q. How do I order a Tax Return Transcript or Verification of Non-filing Letter from the IRS?

A. Follow this link for the directions(Back to top)

Q. What do I need to submit if asked for Proof of U.S. Citizenship?

A. One of the following documents is required to show proof of U.S. Citizenship:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • U.S. passport
  • Wallet-sized U.S. passport card
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or N-570)
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or N-561)
  • Forms FS-240 (Consular Report of Birth Abroad), FS545 (Certificate of Birth Issued by a Foreign Service Post), or DS1350 (Certification of Report of Birth) (Back to top)