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Student Loan Requirements

For new Student Loan Borrowers:

Please go to https://studentaid.gov/ and log in to your FSA account with your FSA ID and complete the following two steps, found under “Complete Aid Process”.


Read about the student loan program, answer the questions and enter your information, and we’ll be notified that you have completed this step. If you have done this previously, while you were a student at Moraine Park, we will have this in your file.


In order for the Department of Education to release your student loan money, you will need to do a Master Promissory Note (MPN). You will need your FSA ID and password.

Note: If these two items are not done, your loan offer will be cancelled.

For students entering repayment:

Upon ceasing enrollment, enrolling in fewer than six credits, or graduating, and prior to beginning repayment, Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized and PLUS Loan borrowers are required to complete an online exit counseling session. The session provides information about borrower rights and responsibilities regarding loan repayment. Complete an exit counseling session now. For further information please go to https://studentaid.gov/, log in with your FSA ID and click on “Manage Loans”.

• Students do not need to notify Moraine Park Technical College upon completion of their exit counseling requirement, but are welcome to contact the Financial Aid Office with any follow-up questions.

Have Questions About Managing Your Loans? Visit GradReady to create an account and start your Financial Awareness Planning now!