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Underage Student Registration

Students Under 18 Years Old

Students Under 16 Years Old

Students under 16 years of age and their parent/guardian must complete a “Request to Attend Classes” form, prior to course registration.
We will require that the parent and/or guardian also enroll and attend the class as a “regular” member of the class.
If the class occurs during regular K-12 school hours, the school district must also complete their portion of the form and approve the student’s participation.

Start College Now Students

If you are a public high school student entering your junior or senior year, and are in good academic and disciplinary standing, you may qualify to take Start College Now courses at Moraine Park. Find out more here!

Homeschool Students

MPTC is very proud to be a homeschool friendly college. We are dedicated to supporting the homeschoolers in our community and want to help you with any questions you have regarding higher education. View more information about homeschool student resources here.