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Start college now

Program Overview

The Start College Now program enables high school students to enroll in occupational/technical courses and/or general education courses and earn high school and college credit at the same time. The program is open to eligible 11th and 12th grade students who are currently enrolled in a Wisconsin public high school. Students must be in good academic standing for the school board to approve Start College Now, as well as other requirements.

Students apply directly to their high school for approval to the Start College Now program. The school district will pay 100% of the tuition costs and non-consumable course materials. Students who are not successful in Start College Now courses may need to reimburse school districts for the course and book fees.

Start College Now Application

View and complete the application for Start College Now.

Start College Now Events

View important dates and events for Start College Now.

Deadlines and Approvals

  1. Upon school district approval, students’ applications should be forwarded to MPTC from the high school Start College Now liaison or school counselor. Approved applications should be submitted with unofficial high school transcripts and any relevant test scores to the K-12 Department.
  2. The high school Start College Now liaison will be emailed the results of the application and will notify the students. In addition, students will be texted by the MPTC K12 department with information regarding their application status if a cell phone was provided on the Start College Now application. Registration letters will be mailed or emailed to students by May for Fall Semester and in November for Spring Semester.
  3. Students can register for their approved Start College Now course(s) by completing the online registration form, calling (920) 924-3207, or by coming to one of our 3 campus locations: Beaver DamFond du Lac or West Bend.
  4. Information regarding orientation, including the live orientation sessions, will be emailed to students who registered for their approved Start College Now course(s) by July for Fall Semester and December for Spring Semester. Orientations will cover helpful information for students including an introduction to taking college coursework, accessing MPTC accounts, expectations, and resources.
  5. Final grades will be shared with school districts after the student completes their course(s).