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Academic Calendar 2019-2020

2019 Summer Term (June 3 – August 9)

June 7 – July 26College Closed on Fridays
June 3 – June 203-Week Summer Session
June 17 – August 98-Week Summer Session
June 3 – August 910-Week Summer Session
June 19Registration for Fall Term – Open*
July 4Holiday – College Closed
August 5-9Book Buyback
August 9Rental Book Returns Due
August 12Fall Term Tuition and Fees Due

2019 Fall Term (August 26 – December 20)

August 26Start of Fall Term and First 8-Week Session
September 2Holiday – College Closed
October 21End of First 8-Week Session
October 22No Classes
October 23Start of Second 8-Week Session
November 5-8Registration for Spring Term – Returning Program Student (priority)
November 12-15Registration for Spring Term – New Program, New Pre-Core and Certificate Student
November 27No Classes – College Closes at 5:00 pm
November 28-29Holiday – College Closed
December 3Registration for Spring Term – Open*
December 16-20Book Buyback
December 20Rental Book Returns Due
December 20End of Fall Term and Second 8-Week Session
December 20College Closes at 5:00 pm
December 21 – January 1Winter Break – College Closed

2020 Spring Term (January 20 – May 15)

January 6Spring Term Tuition and Fees Due
January 20Start of Spring Term and Third 8-Week Session
March 13End of Third 8-Week Session
March 16-20Spring Break – College Open, No Classes
March 23Start of Fourth 8-Week Session
March 31Registration for Summer Term – Program Student
April 2Registration for Summer Term – Open*
April 10Holiday – College Closed
April 14-17Registration for Fall Term – Returning Program Student (priority)
April 21-24Registration for Fall Term – New Program, New Pre-Core and Certificate Student
May 11-15Book Buyback
May 15Rental Book Returns Due
May 15End of Spring Term and Fourth 8-Week Session
May 16Commencement – 10:00 a.m.
May 18Summer Term Tuition and Fees Due
May 25Holiday – College Closed

*Students may continually register after Open Registration begins. Term and 8-Week Session dates referenced above reflect commonly scheduled courses. Other courses may be offered at various scheduled times during the year.