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Third-Party Sponsorships

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Important Third-Party Sponsor Information

A third-party organization may sponsor a student’s enrollment by committing to paying a student’s tuition and fees.

Sponsors are required to complete the Third Party Sponsorship Application (TPSA). Student’s full name and either their MPTC Student ID Number or the student’s DOB will be needed.

Here you will be directed to create a secure Dynamic Forms Account*

STUDENTS are required to complete the MPTC Student Authorization for Release of Education Records Information AND the Registration Form.
(SPONSORS may NOT complete these forms on behalf of the student.)

Students, you will be directed to create a secure Dynamic Forms Account if you haven’t already set up your myMPTCstudent account.

Important Information and FAQ’s

A TPSA must be submitted for each academic year. Adhering to these dates will insure that your sponsored student will not be dropped for non-payment. MPTC does not accept TPSAs after payment has been made. Students will have to request reimbursement directly from sponsors.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) prohibits MPTC from releasing personally identifiable information regarding enrollment without express written consent from the student. The MPTC Student Authorization for Release of Education Records Information form allows MPTC to provide limited information to the sponsoring agency and MUST be completed by the student before MPTC will bill the student’s sponsoring agency.

The TPSA must be signed by an authorized individual at the agency. We ask that the agency/sponsor pay the total amount on the invoice upon receipt in order to avoid putting the student’s registration at risk. If payment is not received from the sponsor by the due date of the invoice, MPTC will charge the outstanding tuition and fees to the student’s account and payment will be due immediately.


Helpful Instructions to Create a Dynamic Forms Account.

When creating a Dynamic Forms account use a personal email account such as (Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook, etc.)
If you are still in high school, please note that high school firewalls are very restrictive and will likely block the required activation email the system will send.

*Take note of your username and password — you’ll need both to access your form.


Verifying your Dynamic Forms account:
Dynamic Forms will send a verification email to the address you provided, with the subject line “Confirm your email.”
The email will come from notify@ngwebsolutions.com.
After clicking on the verification email, your Dynamic Forms account will be set up.

Hint: Check your email on the same device you registered on.
If you don’t see the verification email, look in your junk folder.

Logging in to complete the form:
Navigate back to the link for the MPTC Registration Form you need to access and use your verified username and password to log in.

Save your form and return later:
You may start this form and pause it whenever you need to by clicking the “Save Progress” button at the bottom.
Simply log back in to the Dynamic Forms portal and pick up where you left off.


What is a Third Party Sponsorship Application (TPSA)?

What do I need to know about TPSAs?

How does a TPSA affect my account?

Can I get a refund if my account shows a credit balance?

My bill does not list my sponsorship. What do I do?

What happens if my sponsorship is not paid?

Do you send grades/transcripts to third parties?

Who can help my third party or me with questions?

What is not considered a TPSA?

How does a third party sponsor pay for my books?

Q: What is a Third-Party Sponsorship Application (TPSA)?
A: A Third-Party Sponsorship Application is an agreement between Moraine Park and an organization that makes a commitment to pay a designated amount towards your educational expenses. Third parties require a billing invoice to be forwarded to them for payment for every semester of attendance. TPSAs are subject to the same federal reporting requirements as other financial aid.

Q: What do I need to know about TPSAs?
A: What are your third party requirements? What is the dollar amount of the contract? You are responsible for paying your portion of the remaining billing invoice by the due date or late charges will appear on the account. Moraine Park can bill the third party for educational expenses on your behalf. These expenses can consist of tuition and fees.

Q: How does a TPSA affect my account?
A: The third party provides a signed TPSA authorization at the beginning of the semester. After you have registered, your account is credited conditionally for the expected amount. At the end of the drop/add period, Moraine Park will submit a billing invoice to the third party on your behalf.

Q: Can I get a refund if my account shows a credit balance?
A: The account is reviewed to determine whether the credit balance results from actual payments or conditional credits. The College does not refund conditional credits.

Q: My bill does not list my sponsorship. What do I do?
A: Log into myMPTC Student and click MaxPay.  If you do not see your third party commitment, it means Moraine Park has not received a TPSA, or you may not have yet met the requirements.

Q: What happens if my sponsorship is not paid?
A: You are legally responsible to pay the cost of your educational expenses if the third party does not pay.

Q: Do you send grades/transcripts to third parties?
A: The relationship between the third parties and Moraine Park involves billing and payment matters only. You are responsible for providing all other required information.

Q: Who can help my third party or me with questions?

Sophia Kaphengst – Student Financial Services

920-924-3124, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS


Q: What is not considered a TPSA?

  • Sponsorships that do not require a billing invoice; i.e., Americorp
  • Reimbursements: When a student completes the semester and has to turn in a grade/transcript to receive the funds
  • Trust Funds: Letters from executor of estates or bank
  • Prepayment Plans: Families pay into a 529 account for college funds
  • Scholarships

Q: How does a third party pay for my books?
A: Third Parties/Sponsors that wish to cover the cost of books for students will set up an account directly with eCampus.com. The process is easy!

Just email morainepark@ecampus.com with the following information:

  • Company/Agency Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email (Invoices will be sent to this email)
  • Billing address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Tax exempt form (if applicable)

Please allow 2-3 business days to get your account set up at eCampus. Once your account has been set up, you will be ready to provide student funding detail, and the following will need to be emailed to morainepark@ecampus.com:

  • Student name(s)
  • MPTC Student ID(s)
  • Amount authorized
  • Expiration date for funds

Once student detail is provided, funds will be added to the eCampus student account(s) within 1-2 business days. Students are then able to apply this to their online purchases.

If an amount or expiration date isn’t specified, $1,000.00 will be the default amount added to the student’s eCampus account, and the expiration date will default to the last day of the semester. Any remaining available funds will fall off on the expiration date.  You will receive an invoice from A Book Company LLC, dba Books by eCampus on a monthly basis for any amounts charged by students.