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Apprenticeship Programs

Programs and Careers

If you want a balance of on-the-job training and classroom learning, an apprenticeship program might be the perfect fit. Apprenticeship programs work a bit differently from the rest of our Moraine Park programs – apprentices are sponsored by employers, employer associations or labor groups. And here’s a bonus – apprentices get paid during the entirety of their training, which makes it that much easier to continue your education. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with an apprenticeship program today.

How to apply for Apprenticeship Programs

  • The application process may vary from trade-to-trade.
  • Construction trades; applications are taken by the local committees and they typically include an aptitude test, interview with the committee, high school transcript or equivalent and proof of age. Visit ABC Wisconsin Build Your Career to request an application to find out how to get your apprenticeship started!
  • Industrial and service sector trades; apply directly to the company that you want to work for that sponsors the apprenticeship program for the trade you’re interested in. The employer decides the criteria to place applicants into the program.

If you complete an apprenticeship approved by the State of Wisconsin, you can continue to build your career path by earning an Associate Degree in Applied Science through the Technical Studies Journey Worker program. You may start this program during or after you complete your apprenticeship, but you will not graduate from the Technical Studies Journey Worker program until your apprenticeship is completed.

Available Programs

    For the following programs, please contact us for information.

    • Data Analyst Apprenticeship
    • Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship
    • Mechatronics Technician Apprenticeship
    • Service Desk Technician Apprenticeship
    • Software Developer Apprenticeship