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Facility Projects

2022 Facility Expansion Referendum

Moraine Park Technical College’s 2022 referendum to enhance and expand Moraine Park Technical College facilities passed with 57.4% favored votes. The College was favorable in all ten district counties with 78,549 ‘yes’ votes out of 136,864 votes total.

“Moraine Park has touched so many people over our 110 years of history that there is hardly anybody in this community that has not either experienced Moraine Park personally or knows someone in their circle that is connected to the College. People are recognizing us, people are congratulating us, and I do not think we are the best-kept secret any longer.”

Bonnie Baerwald, President of Moraine Park Technical College

Facility Projects

Advanced Manufacturing and Trades Center

In spring 2023, the Advanced Manufacturing and Trades center will be the College’s first visible sign of construction in Fond du Lac. This project is expected to break ground in May 2023 and will be completed in two phases—the AIR Center and the B wing—with expected completion in the summer of 2024. Classes beginning in the fall 2024 semester will be the first to use this new section of campus.

Beaver Dam Campus Construction

In mid-April, construction will begin on Moraine Park’s Beaver Dam Campus to update the student services area and a portion of the health and human services space. The construction will run through summer 2023. During this time, the main entrance (K1) will not be accessible.

Health & Human Services Facility

The Health and Human Services Facility project will be designed in spring 2025 and will also be completed in two phases. The new simulation space remodel and the addition will be constructed in January 2026 with completion in summer allowing classes to begin fall 2026. The second phase which includes a significant remodel of the remaining health and science space will begin in spring 2026 with final completion in January 2027.

Horicon Regional Center

Design meetings on the fire training facility, now named the Horicon Regional Center, began in late 2022.  Groundbreaking will occur in the fall of 2023, and the project should be completed by the summer of 2024. Instruction is expected to begin in the fall 2024 semester.

Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics Lab

Design for the Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics Lab in West Bend will kick off in early 2023 with construction starting later in the year. This project is slated to be completed in two phases with the advanced manufacturing addition to begin in spring 2024 with completion in spring 2025. Classes to begin in the new space in fall 2025. The second phase which includes the conference center and new entrance addition will begin in spring 2025 with expected completion by the end of 2025.