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New Student Checklist

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You’ve been admitted, what’s next?

After you’re accepted to a program, you’ll meet with the advisor to review program details, select courses, and get questions answered. You’ll be notified how to schedule.

Be sure to open your student account as part of your orientation, if you haven’t already. This includes access to myMPTC student, Canvas and your student email. myMPTC Student is where you register for classes, pay, view your grades and much more.

After you attend your online orientation…

After meeting with your advisor, you’ll know which classes to take. You’ll also have a registration date.  Sign up for classes in-person or use self-service via myMPTC student.  Go to the My Academics tab – Registration – Add/Drop Classes.

Helpful links:

Review the payment options. Tuition/fees are due two weeks before each semester begins.  If you are planning to use Financial Aid, apply early! Missing payment or financial aid deadlines could cause you to be dropped from classes.

Dates are set up early August for fall and early January for spring semesters. You’ll get an invite. Stop in to tour campus, get your student ID, purchase books, and so much more. It’s personalized to your needs.

Buy your textbooks and supplies before classes start. You can visit the campus bookstore or use their online store. There are options that save you money, such as renting vs. buying, or buying used vs. new books. Note: Textbooks are not included in the class cost or your tuition bill.

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to attend your first class at MPTC!

Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Support Services if you have any questions along the way.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and get involved with Student Life.