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Community Resources for Students

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Across the Moraine Park District (Fond du Lac, Washington, Dodge and Green Lake Counties), there are many community resources readily available for students to utilize to meet basic needs and well-being. Resources include:  rent and utility assistance, food resources, financial assistance, resources for parents, and more.

If you are seeking help locating specific resources or getting more information, please contact Jackie Morgan, Student Resource and Equity Specialist at 920-924-3134 or complete the simple form on this page.

You can also select your county below to view a compiled listing of resources. If your county is not listed, contact Jackie Morgan directly for resource help.

MPTC’s Student Resource and Equity Specialist, Jackie Morgan, is here to guide you!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. It’s important for students to know that MPTC has a strong support system in place to help them succeed.”

As part of MPTC’s robust student services department, Jackie Morgan, Student Resource and Equity Specialist, provides direct support and personalized one-on-one assistance at all of Moraine Park’s campuses to students needing additional community resource support, including: housing, food, legal, childcare, utilities and healthcare resources, to name a few.

Jackie pursued her education while a student parent and working full-time. She understands the challenges students may face while pursuing their education. She has served in higher education roles that provided direct service to students to help them succeed. Her goal is to work with MPTC students to reduce barriers and link them to support programs, resources and community organizations specific to each student’s need so they can focus on their academic success.

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