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Ambitious Ambassador

After high school, Mailia Bachleitner married her best friend, bought a house, started a family, adopted a dog and had a steady job. However, despite her picture-perfect life, she still knew something was missing.

Her current job lacked the opportunity for growth, and she wanted more for herself.
When she graduated high school and started her family, her priority became being a mother, but ten years later she developed new career aspirations.

“In comparison to four-year universities, Moraine Park was more affordable,” Bachleitner said. “I was also able to complete my desired program online. For me, being a successful student also meant having smaller classes. As a mother and full-time employee, these advantages, as well as the support from those closest to me, encouraged me to pursue my dreams.”

Bachleitner’s long-time video game hobby led her to enroll in the IT Software Development program.

“I’ve always dreamed of creating my own video game,” Bachleitner said. “Now that my sons are old enough to play with me, I have rediscovered that passion. I love connecting with my family in this way, and I want to create a game that families can enjoy together as mine has.”

In addition to going back to school, being a mother and working full-time, Bachleitner serves as Moraine Park’s District Student Ambassador.

To be eligible for the District Student Ambassador distinction, students must be nominated by a faculty or staff member at the College and then give a presentation to a selection committee. As the selected 2022-23 District Student Ambassador, Bachleitner will advocate for Moraine Park and the
Wisconsin Technical College System as a whole, assist with college activities and events and represent the student body within the community.

She also involves herself by serving as the Vice President of the Beaver Dam Student Senate, Parliamentarian of District Student Government, President of the IT Club, and Content Manager and Vice President of Wisconsin Student Government.

“I enjoy learning and higher education,” she said. “My kids think I am superwoman, and I want to keep inspiring them. I hope to continue my education until I am financially stable enough to support my family.”

October 31st, 2023by Emilie Thielen