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Innovation 2025

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Innovation 2025 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Growing minds, businesses and communities through innovative learning experiences.

Vision Statement

Your home for lifelong learning to achieve lifelong dreams.

Strategic Priorities



  • Develop creative, alternative and flexible delivery methods, schedules and credentials to increase enrollment and retention.
  • Cultivate innovative teaching and learning practices to improve student success through the use of emerging technology, equipment, and teaching methodologies.
  • Utilize technology to create a seamless and intuitive learning experience.
  • Provide integrated, targeted support services that promote individual student success, holistic growth and wellness.
  • Expand attraction and retention efforts for both high school and working age adults while increasing community ownership.
  • Enhance learning environments to promote educational quality and learning outcomes.

Workplace Culture


  • Increase recruitment and retention of engaged, talented employees who embrace our values.
  • Increase risk-taking, creativity and innovative leadership throughout the college.
  • Build an exceptional faculty model of excellence which embraces academic integrity, relevance, innovation, technology, and rigor.
  • Focus efforts on advancing diversity, equity and belonging for all students and employees.

Economic Driver/Community Impact


  • Engage employers and community stakeholders to ensure job placements and learned skills meet workforce needs.
  • Develop and promote seamless pathways for K-16 and adult career opportunities.
  • Engage stakeholder partners in developing effective and efficient credential solutions.
  • Leverage economic disruption and automation to expand value to our regional employers and employees.