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Innovation 2025

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Innovation 2025 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Growing minds, businesses and communities through innovative learning experiences.

Vision Statement

Your home for lifelong learning to achieve lifelong dreams.

Strategic Priorities


Attract and retain high-school graduates and adult learners seeking to build skills and earn a degree. To do this, Moraine Park Technical College will pilot new recruitment strategies, engaging high school students, their parents and adult learners, particularly evaluating entrance pathways for those from diverse backgrounds. A similar iterative process will be applied to student retention strategies – focusing on the students most likely to exit before earning a credential. In addition, the Moraine Park Technical College team will create compelling, relevant academic experiences – delivered using a blend of face-to-face instruction, emerging technologies and state-of- the-art equipment and infrastructure to support student learning. Finally, Moraine Park Technical College will revise program schedules to meet student needs for on-demand learning and predictable schedules.

Workplace Culture

Attract and retain talent who demonstrate our values, and both anticipate and address student and organizational needs to create meaningful learning experiences. To accomplish this, Moraine Park Technical College will make leadership development and succession planning a priority focus. We will pursue talent retention strategies (ranging from compensation and benefits to total rewards), to ensure talented individuals who demonstrate our values and position us for success – are rewarded. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – we must be a leader in responding to changing employee expectations, recognizing that doing so may also require us to change the way we do business. We envision a culture where healthy lifestyles and community engagement are among the ways we demonstrate our commitment to attracting and retaining top talent.

Economic Driver/Community Impact

Support business/industry in the transition to automation and a more diverse workforce. As employers and workers make this transition, Moraine Park Technical College must both lead and respond – evolving its programs and curriculum to prepare students and workplaces for the new demands and technologies. This includes developing in students both the technical skills required to lead and support automation as well as the career and life skills needed to communicate, problem-solve and negotiate in the workplace of the future. Moraine Park Technical College likewise sees a role for aiding those displaced by automation in developing new skills to achieve financial independence.