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Distinguished Alumnus

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Holly Luehrig named Moraine Park’s 2019 Distinguished Alumnus

Holly Luehring, of Fond du Lac, has the motivation to move mountains. She came to Moraine Park in 1995, with a determination to find success, and turned what could have been a roadblock into a driving force for her educational, professional, and community pursuits.

“During high school I was told I wasn’t college material,” Luehring said. “I couldn’t believe that anyone would say something like that, but I used that as motivation moving forward.”

Determined to prove her capabilities rather than let someone else limit them, Luehring enrolled at Moraine Park and graduated two years later with an associate degree in marketing.

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Past Distinguished Alumni

Year Name Program
2018 Don Charleston Mechanical Drafting
2017 Nancy Steinke Licensed Practical Nurse 1975
2016 Martin Ciriacks Machine Tooling Technics 1984
2015 Denise Fitzsimmons Fashion Merchandising and Marketing 1981
2014 Lisa Karst Leadership Development 2012
2013 Mike Staral Tool and Die Technologies 1978
2012 Mark Hopper Business Marketing 1974
2011 Mark Wildman Corrections Science 1996
2010 Barbara Brown Nursing 1981
2009 Michelle Dekker Early Childhood Education 1994
2008 Ronald J. Ford Electromechanical Technology 1994
2007 M. Kathleen Murphy AD-Nursing 1985
2006 Mary Beth Bockhorst AD-Marketing 1986
2005 Eric Gross AD-Corrections Science 1988
2004 Margaret Michale AD-Nursing 1982
2003 Timothy Kent AD-Civil Engineering-Structural 1990
2002 Brenda Henke AD-Secretarial Science-Medical 1977
2001 Leon Klinger AD-Technical Studies 2000
2000 Vicki Nelson AD-Nursing 1988
1999 Jennifer Klug AD-Nursing 1991
1998 Jean Roedl AD-Nursing 1990
1997 Jeffrey Igel AD-Restaurant and Hotel Cookery 1986
1996 Jean Ohlrich AD-Industrial Marketing 1986
1995 Pam Breuer AD-Electromechanical Technology 1988
1994 Roberta “Bobbi” Thomma AD-Accounting 1987; AD-Supervisors Management 1988
1993 Thomas Langenhorst AD-Hotel and Restaurant Cookery 1979
1992 Paulette Bilke AD-Supervisors Management 1984
1991 Karen Koenig AD-Medical Record Technician 1990
1990 Mike Shannon AD-Marketing 1972
1989 John Willis AD-Accounting 1969
1988 Barb Steele AD-Accounting 1974
1987 Catherine J. Davies AD-Public Relations 1982; AD-Accounting 1987