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Catching Up With Keisha


It has been four years since Keisha Krezman of Fond du Lac graduated from MPTC with her accounting degree. When we shared her story in September 2020, she had just begun her career in accounting and had a goal to oversee an accounting department at a local company.  Today, she is preparing to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Marian University and has been promoted to Accounting Supervisor at BCI Burke—achieving her initial career goal.  

“During my time at Moraine Park, I was able to build relationships with a couple of MPTC professors, one who provided me with an exceptional reference and became a sounding board as I was working toward a promotion at work,” Krezman said.  

Recently, Krezman deepened her commitment to her alma mater by accepting an invitation to join the accounting program advisory committee. Each academic program at the College is supported by an advisory committee comprised of industry professionals throughout the district. Alongside Moraine Park’s leadership, advisory committees drive the curriculum and learning at the College.   

“These opportunities would not have been available had I not gone to MPTC and been able to establish connections with those there. I truly believe that you get what you put into it, and this has been solidified with my experience at MPTC.”  

Krezman leaned heavily on the support services during her time as a student; her advisors, tutoring services, accounting instructors, and foundation scholarship dollars helped to ensure her success. 

“To any donor or potential donor, first–thank you. It is through your generosity that many like me can work toward career goals while also maintaining professional and personal responsibilities,” Krezman said. “Every student, or future student, has a story. Your donation can make a difference in how a story progresses and their future unfolds.”  

Today, Keisha’s story, like many others, is possible because of donors investing in her success. Moraine Park scholarship dollars are supported by donors throughout the College and community—allowing students to focus on their educational journey without worrying about financial burdens. Each year, the College distributes over $300,000 in sponsorship dollars to current students.  

“I would just want to say to anyone on the fence about returning to school, no matter your age or stage in life, it is possible to achieve what you set your mind to. I was able to return to school and obtain my associate degree while working full-time outside the house, having two kids in elementary school, and owning a business with my husband. MPTC is there to help. Ask the questions, talk to the professors/tutors/advisors and go out there and achieve your dreams.”