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Not P.M. except in all-cap line: 8 p.m.
part-time/part time
Hyphenate only when used as a compound modifier. She works part time. She has a part-time job.
Pell grants
Not PELL grants.
One word, always spelled out except in tables, business forms and statistical data or technical materials.
For percentages, always use figures unless the number begins a sentence. Use percent instead of the symbol, %, except in places where space is limited. The College has a 4 percent increase in enrollment. She received a 90 percent on her test.
Periods should only be used with complete thoughts or sentences, and they belong inside quotation marks.
phone numbers
Preferred usage: 920-922-8611 1-800-472-4554, Ext. 5555.
Capitalize president only as a formal title before a name: President Bonnie Baerwald. Use lowercase in all other cases. Bonnie Baerwald, president of Moraine Park...
Main or major (adj.); school administrator, chief person involved, or capital sum (n.): the principal rivers in America; high school principal; my principal insists on privacy; principal vs. interest.
Do not capitalize the word program after typing the name of one (e.g., Accounting program).