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Beaver Dam Campus - Fond du Lac Campus - West Bend Campus (Campus is capitalized)

Capitalize names of buildings, campuses, divisions, office and specific course titles within the College. Do not capitalize the word “program.” Do not capitalize references to occupations.

Moraine Park-Fond du Lac; O-Building; Accounting program; Accounting student; accounting career; Beginning Accounting class.

Capitalize titles of persons preceding and used as part of their names. Do not capitalize titles of persons that are set off by commas before or after a name.

President Bonnie Baerwald Bonnie Baerwald, the president Baerwald, president of Moraine Park Technical College . . .; The president of Moraine Park, Bonnie Baerwald

Capitalize room when it is part of a formal name or when it is followed by a number.

the Board Room; Room E-123

Capitalize titles of books, magazines, periodicals, articles, chapters, essays, lectures and movies.

Capitalize every word in titles of programs, plays, workshops, etc. Capitalize all words with four or more letters.

Also capitalize words with fewer than four letters except:

a, an, and, as, at, but, by, for, if, in, nor, of, off, on, or, out, the, to, up

Capitalize the first and last word of a title.

“A Home to Be Proud Of”

Note that other small but important words are capitalized in titles of programs, plays, workshops, etc.

are, be, do, has, he, her, his, is, it, its, my, she, you

Do not capitalize titles used without names.

The student activities coordinator . . .

Capitalize office only when it is part of an official name. It is appropriate to capitalize the word “office” when it is the actual name of a unit within the writer’s own organization. Therefore, capitalization of Registrar’s Office, Employment Services Office, Financial Aid Office, etc.,is correct since these are units within the Moraine Park organization.

Further information is available from the Financial Aid Office.

Terms such as advertising department, manufacturing division, personnel office, etc., are not capitalized when they refer to some other organization unless the writer has reason to give these terms special importance or distinction.

The advertising department of Mercury Marine will unveil its fall campaign today.

Do not capitalize technical diplomas.

technical diploma program, technical diploma in child care.

Capitalize the following academic degree:

Associate of Applied Science degree,

Associate of Applied Science degree in accounting

Do not capitalize seasons (fall 2008) and semesters.

fall semester

Do not capitalize the names of generic college publications.

catalog, calendar, course schedule

Do not capitalize compass directions, but do capitalize words that designate geographic regions.

Examples: N.ern Wisconsin; N.west Wisconsin; the Midwest; N. Country; the N.land; East Coast

Also note the following patterns:

The Moraine Park District Board; the board; the Moraine Park District; the district; the district board; Moraine Park Technical College; the College; Beaver Dam Campus; the three campuses; the Moraine Park Alumni Association; the alumni association; the Moraine Park Foundation; the foundation.

certificate programs
chair, chairperson
Mary Moore, conference chair; committee chairpersons were named by the president; Chairperson Mary Moore; Frank Smith is committee chair.
No hyphen when used as a prefix: cochaired, cosponsored, coworkers, coed, coeducation, cooperative, coordinator.
Co., Corp.
Preferably spell out Company and Corporation; however, abbreviate Inc. and Ltd.
The word "college" should be capitalized when used either alone or with the word "the." (Moraine Park Technical College, the College). Don't capitalize when used with "this" or "our."
College Name
Full name, first reference: Moraine Park Technical College. Preferred second reference: Moraine Park. Third reference and beyond: Moraine Park, MPTC and the College may be used interchangeably. Preferred abbreviation: MPTC.
MPTC primary color standards
For Moraine Park publications such as brochures, annual reports, student catalogs and flyers, do not use the comma before "and/or" in a series.   You can graduate knowing you will be in demand by hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and medical research organizations.
Compliance Statement
Compliance Statement
computer-aided design (CAD)
criterion, criteria