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The State of Wisconsin offers a number of educational programs for state veterans that may be in addition to any federal veterans’ educational benefits. Eligibility varies, more information can be found at: https://dva.wi.gov/Pages/educationEmployment/Education.aspx.

Wisconsin GI Bill

Wisconsin veterans may be eligible for a remission of program (tuition) and material fees for themselves and for qualifying dependents of a Wisconsin veteran with a service connected disability rating of 30% or greater.

For additional information, eligibility criteria and instructions on how to apply for the Wisconsin GI Bill program, see the WDVA website https://dva.wi.gov/Pages/educationEmployment/Education.aspx.

Keep in mind…

Any student using the Wisconsin G.I. Bill, whether it be the Veteran, the spouse or the child of a Veteran, must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher in order to remain eligible for the Wisconsin G.I. Bill benefits.  Should a student using the Wisconsin G.I. Bill have a cumulative GPA that falls below the threshold of 2.0 at the end of a term, the student may still enroll the following term; however, they will not be able to use the Wisconsin G.I. Bill at that time.  Should the student get their cumulative GPA back to a 2.0 or higher at the end of a non-qualifying term, the student will be re-certified for the subsequent term by the institution/school.

The WI GI Bill does NOT waive 100% of tuition and fees. It only waives the ‘program’ and ‘classroom material’ fees. You are responsible for paying the uncovered portion including but not limited to online fees, supplemental fees, uniform fees, and text books.

Veterans Education (VetEd) Reimbursement Grant

The Veterans Education (VetEd) grant program provides a reimbursement grant for tuition and fees following successful course completion.

Eligible Wisconsin veterans who have not yet been awarded a bachelor’s degree may use VetEd to pursue educational or vocational objectives up to a bachelor’s degree at an eligible UW, technical college, or approved private institution of higher education. Reimbursement is currently up to 100% of the tuition and fees not covered by other grants, scholarships, or remissions, including Federal VA Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill tuition benefits. The maximum reimbursement is the equivalent of the UW’Madison rate for the same number of credits, up to the full-time rate. The reimbursement percentage may be adjusted periodically to reflect demand and available funding.

For additional information, eligibility criteria and application instructions, please go to the WDVA website or visit your County Veterans Service Office for assistance. The application must be submitted no later than 60 days after the course or term start date and can be found online at mywisvets.com

Wisconsin Retraining Grant

If you are an unemployed or underemployed veteran, you may receive up to $3,000 per year, for a maximum of two years, if you have a financial need while being retrained for employment. The amount of the grant is determined by your financial need as calculated by the WDVA. Other education or retraining grants will be included when determining your financial need for this program and should be included on the application.

Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant

The Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant provides a reimbursement of program fees for eligible Wisconsin National Guard members. The application must be submitted no later than 90 days after the course or term end date. In addition to accessing the form online, student may obtain a copy of the application from the Veterans Certifying Official at Moraine Park Technical College. Service members are encouraged to work with their Education Service Officer within their unit for more information.