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Frequently Asked Questions about SAP

You may have questions about this process and here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Read the entire Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  • I received a letter that I did not meet SAP requirements, can I appeal?
    • Yes, you may appeal your SAP suspension. You can document your extenuating circumstances and reason for not meeting SAP by completing the Appeal Form, submitting a letter explaining the situation and attaching third party documentation. Even if you have been away from MPTC for a period of time, you still must complete this process.
  • How will I know the results of my appeal?
    • You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal via a letter that will be mailed.
  • I don’t have extenuating circumstances, what should I do?
    • Students that don’t have extenuating circumstances to document in an appeal can pay for courses on their own or by using alternative funding sources until their cumulative academic history meets the satisfactory academic progress standards.
  • I don’t want to appeal, how do I reinstate my aid?
    • Students that don’t have extenuating circumstances to appeal can pay for courses on their own or by using alternative funding sources until their cumulative academic history meets the satisfactory academic progress standards.
    • Students need to notify the Financial Aid Office when they are meeting the standards so their file can be reviewed for future funding.
  • Can my appeal be denied? Does that mean I could be denied aid?
    • Yes, if after evaluating a student’s appeal and required documentation, the committee has the right to deny your appeal.
  • What can I do if my SAP appeal is denied?
    • If your appeal is denied, you are ineligible to receive state and federal aid until you reestablish your eligibility. You should refer to your denial letter for additional information and explanation of the denial. If you continue to enroll in classes, you are responsible for paying on your own.
  • How often does the appeal committee meet?
    • The appeal committee meets twice a month to review appeals (subject to change).
  • When are appeals due for each semester?
    • Appeal deadlines are as follows: October 1st- Fall Semester, March 1st- Spring Semester, and July 1st- Summer Semester.
  • If my appeal is approved, is there additional steps I need to complete?
    • If your appeal is approved, there will be additional requirements listed in the letter you receive. All students will be required to complete a Career Planning for Financial Aid Meeting and create an academic plan that you will successfully adhere to until graduation. Please carefully read the letter for additional requirements that need to be completed to ensure the future of your financial aid eligibility.
  • How do I register for a Career Planning for Financial Aid Meeting?
    • You can register for a Career Planning for Financial Aid Meeting by calling 1-800-472-4554, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS. The meeting is completed through the Career Center.
  • When do I need to have the Career Planning for Financial Aid Meeting complete by?
    • As a condition of your probation semester, students are required to complete the meeting within three weeks of their appeal letter being sent. Failure to attend and complete the meeting will result in suspension of future financial aid.
  • When I am on an academic plan and I don’t successfully pass a course or withdraw from a course, what happens to my financial aid?
    • The academic plan must be maintained until the completion of the student’s program in order to continue to receive financial aid for future semesters (this includes receiving a ‘C’ or better grade in your courses). Failure to adhere to the plan will result in suspension from financial aid.
  • Can I add an additional program while on an academic plan?
    • Once a student is on an academic plan, they must adhere to that plan. If a student wants to add or change a program while on a plan, they need to re-appeal to the committee for the new program. If the additional program is approved, an updated academic plan will need to be submitted.
  • I am a prior graduate and I am at the 150% timeframe, can I appeal?
    • A student who has graduated from a financial aid eligible program and pursues another aid eligible program can complete the Extension of Eligibility Appeal Form. The student must also submit a document of credits/courses remaining to complete the program from their advisor. The committee will review the appeal and make a determination of future eligibility.
  • Can I still receive a student loan when I am suspended?
    • A student who is suspended from financial aid is not eligible for any state or federal aid.
  • If there is a class that isn’t offered a semester that it is listed on my academic plan, how do I go about revising my plan?
    • A student would need to meet with their advisor to make the necessary changes to the plan and submit an updated copy to the financial aid office.