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Moraine Park offers tutorial services to students who are experiencing difficulties in their courses.

Tutoring will be provided via our free online services through Net Tutor (link available in each Canvas course) or our free peer tutoring services via phone or online sessions.

Request a PeerTutor:

  1. Review the Expectations for Students Requesting a Tutor. When you complete the request form, you are indicating your agreement
  2. Complete the online tutor request form.

*You will be contacted when a tutor is found for the course you requested. Every effort is made to find a match; however, it is not guaranteed.

If you have recently completed a course with an A or B or if you have recently graduated from a program and you want to help others succeed, please consider becoming a tutor!

Become a PeerTutor:

  1. Read the Tutor Expectations. When you complete the tutor availability form, you are indicating your agreement.
  2. Complete the tutor availability form.

*If a match is made, the Tutoring Services Specialist will contact you to meet with you, review the guidelines, and complete the payroll forms. Tutors are paid $9.50/hr.

For more information: