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Moraine Park offers tutorial services to students who are experiencing difficulties in their courses. Tutoring will be provided via our free online services through Net Tutor (link available in each Canvas course) or our free peer tutoring services via phone or online sessions.

Tutoring Options

Tutoring is free for all students via 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions and also online through Net Tutor.

Peer Tutoring – Current students who passed the class (with a B or better). To be a tutor or be a student tutor, fill out the tutor availability form.

Tutoring Specialist – Recent MPTC Graduates from your/the program. To become a Tutoring Specialist, click here.

Professional Tutor – Professionals in the field who tutor current students. To become a Professional Tutor, click here.

Online Tutoring – Receive professional tutoring online from NetTutor. Current students can access NetTutor through their college Canvas account

Other Tips:
1) Meet with your instructor
2) Meet with students outside of class
3) Talk to your Program Advisor
4) Use online resources (YouTube, Math.com, Google searches)

Current students can request a tutor or becoming a tutor any time by going to myMPTC student.

How to Request a Peer Tutor

  1. Review the Expectations for Students Requesting a Tutor.
  2. Complete the online tutor request form.

*You will be contacted when a tutor is found for the course you requested. Every effort is made to find a match; however, it is not guaranteed.

If you have recently completed a course with an A or B or if you have recently graduated from a program and you want to help others succeed, please consider becoming a tutor!

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How to Become a Peer Tutor

  1. Read the Tutor Expectations.
  2. Complete the tutor availability form.

*If a match is made, the Tutoring Services Specialist will contact you to meet with you, review the guidelines, and complete the payroll forms. Tutors are paid $13/hr.

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Why Become a Peer Tutor

  • Make money for tutoring between classes
  • Sessions can be in person or virtual
  • Know that you are helping another student to succeed
  • Strengthen your study skills and knowledge of the material
  • Great experience to build your resume
  • Grow personally: build your self-confidence and practice listening skills, goal setting, problem-solving, interpersonal and oral communication skills, empathy and patience.
  • Pays $13 hour

Students interested in learning more about tutoring at MPTC can contact Mary Daley at mdaley1@morainepark.edu or 920-924-6488.

What is NetTutor

Need some extra help with classes? Moraine Park offers NetTutor, an online tutoring service, free to all MPTC students via Canvas. NetTutor can help you with many different classes and topics such as Writing, Nursing/Health, Math, Chemistry, Computer Science/IT, Business and more.

How to Access NetTutor

  1. Go into your Canvas account
  2. Click on the class
  3. Click the link on the left-hand side for NetTutor
Logo of NetTutor

Other Strategies for Success

  1. Attend class regularly and complete all assignments.
  2. Communicate with your instructor about your concerns and schedule a time to meet and discuss those concerns.
  3. Talk to others in your class and form a study group.
  4. Look up resources online.

For more information:


Anyone can benefit from tutoring! Tutoring can help maintain or improve a grade as well as make the difference between passing and failing a course. It can help students ease anxiety about difficult courses, deepen understanding and retention of course content, and help develop more effective study skills.

A tutor can help you gain new perspectives on your learning by asking questions, explaining concepts in different ways, sharing examples and resources, suggesting study strategies, providing encouragement, and more.

Tutors will not do the work for you, edit, correct, fix, or tell you what to write. They cannot provide feedback about grades, guarantee success in a class, tell you what will be on a test, or assist with take-home exams.

  • Peer Tutors: Students who have completed the class with a B or better, or instructor recommendation.
  • Tutoring Specialist: Graduates with an Associates Degree.
  • Professional Tutor: People with a Bachelors or Masters Degree.
  • Online

No, your tutoring session is confidential.

Yes, you may request a tutor for as many courses as you need and can receive up to four hours of tutoring per week, per course.​ While a match is not guaranteed, every effort is made to connect you with the academic support necessary for success.

Nothing! Tutoring services are available at no additional cost to students currently enrolled in courses at MPTC.

The best way to request a tutor is to complete an online tutor request form or by signing on to MyMPTC. You can also call or email Tutoring Services at tutoringservices@morainepark.edu or 920-924-6488, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS. Requests are also accepted through instructors, academic advisors, and other staff.

If a mismatch is made, we will do our best to match with someone who better meets your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about tutoring services, contact Tutoring Services at tutoringservices@morainepark.edu.