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Tutee Expectations

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One-on-one tutoring is available for program courses only. Assistance with foundational reading, writing, and math can be obtained through MPTC’s Student Success Center.

  • Students requesting a tutor will attend class regularly, arrive to class prepared, and
    communicate with instructors about difficulties being experienced.
  • Every effort will be made to locate a qualified tutor; however a match is not guaranteed.
  • The tutee will be prompt for tutoring sessions. The tutor is not required to wait longer than 10 minutes past the appointed time. Tutors are not required to extend sessions due to lateness.
  • The tutee will contact the tutor to set up the initial meeting within one week.
  • The tutee will stay in touch with the tutor and confirm scheduled sessions.
  • The tutee will come prepared for each session by reading class materials, attempting homework assignments ahead of time, and preparing questions for the tutor. Tutors may not do assignments for you.
  • The tutee will notify the tutor 24 hours in advance of any changes or cancellations. Missing two (2) sessions in a row (unexcused) may end tutoring services.
  • The tutee will notify the Tutoring Services Specialist if tutoring is no longer needed, or if the arrangement needs to be changed.
  • No more than four (4) hours of tutoring per week is permitted for each class.
  • Tutoring must take place on MPTC campuses or virtually.  Microsoft Teams is the preferred platform for the college.
  • Tutoring extended beyond the last day of class must be approved by Tutoring Services.
  • The tutee will check email regularly for updates on the status of the tutoring match.
  • Violation of the Student Conduct Code (see Student Handbook) may end tutoring services.

If there are concerns that need to be addressed, please inform Tutoring Services as soon as possible so that the service can remain beneficial for you. Questions and concerns can be directed to:

Mary Daley
Tutoring Services
920-924-6488, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS