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2022-23 Registration and Fee Information


Fee Type Fee Description Fee Cost
Placement Test Charge per test attempt $15.00
CLEP Test The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores on any of the 33 examinations. Exam fee of $87 paid to CLEP and $25 proctoring fee paid to MPTC. $25.00 per exam
GED/HSED Charge per test attempt $33.75



Fee Type Fee Description Fee Cost
Application Fee One-time application fee for admissions. $30.00
Program Tuition – State Resident Assessed for all associate of applied science degree, technical diploma, and state resident apprenticeship credits. Assessed for adult and continuing education credit equivalents. $143.45/credit
Program Tuition – Nonresident By act of the Wisconsin State Legislature [Wisconsin Statute 38.24(3)], nonresident students who are not Wisconsin residents nor subject to reciprocal agreements with the WTCS Board must assume liability for the nonresident fee of $71.73 added to the based tuition established by the WTCS. In all cases the student is responsible for providing proof of residency. On-line courses are not subject to nonresident fees. $215.18/credit
Material Instructional materials consumed by students and instructors. $4.50 (min)
Supplemental Partially subsidizes district-wide programs in student health, student development and student life. Every student pays the fee calculated at 9 percent of program fees on undergraduate level courses. Each year, MPTC’s student government determines the distribution of these fees, which are used to support student development, student life, student government,  and campus events. 9% of program fees
Security Fee assessed for classes that meet in a Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac or West Bend campus classroom. $1.50/credit
Avocational/ Community Services Tuition MPTC District Board establishes community service course tuition rates. $266.16/credit
Student Accident Insurance Assessed for mandatory accident insurance plan. $4.50 per semester
Course Access Assessed for technical support for on-line classes. $10/per credit

Suspended for 2022-2023

Enterprise Assessed for non-instructional expenses, or instructional expenses over and above the material fee on some Professional Development Seminars/Workshops, Traffic and Motorcycle Safety classes. Varies


Fee Type Fee Description Fee Cost
Prior Learning Assessment Fee – Exam Charge per challenge exam for advanced standing credit. Must be paid prior to taking exam and is nonrefundable. $50.00/exam
Prior Learning Assessment Fee – Skill Demonstration Charge per course for assessing prior learning based on a demonstration of skills and abilities. Must be paid prior to demonstration and is nonrefundable. $90.00/course
Prior Learning Assessment Fee – Portfolio Charge per course for assessing prior learning based on review of portfolio submission. Must be paid at the time of submission and is nonrefundable. $90.00/course
Prior Learning Assessment Fee – Military Charge per course for assessing prior learning based on military experience. Must be paid at the time the assessment is requested and is nonrefundable. $90.00/course
Official Transcripts Transcripts can be ordered online with our partner, Parchment. $6.00 per transcript -regular
$15.00 per transcript – in person,
Plus $3.51 Parchment Fee
Deferred Tuition Plan Non-refundable fee assessed each semester a tuition plan is established – requires an application. $35.00 per semester
Criminal Background Check Cost to conduct criminal background check for each student for program entry and entry to clinical/core courses Criminal Background Check Info
Motor Vehicle Record Check Cost associated with acquiring a criminal background check from the Wisconsin Department of Justice and Department of Health and Family Services for all programs listed under the Liability Insurance Fee. $20.00
Books/Supplies Includes items such as the tool kit and mannequin required in Cosmetology, kitchen knives required in Culinary Arts, tool kit deposit/rental and special materials such as safety equipment required in manufacturing programs. Textbooks and supplies are available at the Moraine Park Online Bookstore. Varies by course and program.
Interlibrary Loan Fine Fine/fee for interlibrary loan materials that are requested but not picked up $5.00 per request
GED/HSED Certificate Cost of initial copy of GED/HSED certificate $15.00 per certificate
Diploma/GED/HSED Replacement Certificate Fee assessed for replacement of lost or damaged diplomas/GED/HSED certificates. $15.00 per certificate

These costs are provided by the Finance Manager’s Office and are subject to change without notice. They are not to be considered as contractual guarantees or absolute costs in each program.

Moraine Park Technical College offers the most efficient and affordable option for higher education. On average, MPTC’s tuition costs less than half that of two years of in-state tuition at a four-year public university. Tuition costs do not include books, program supplies, tools/ equipment, uniforms or field trips. Since additional costs vary by program, please check with a program advisor for specific information. Books and program supplies are purchased separately from tuition. 

Determination of Residency: Your residency is defined by Moraine Park Technical College as your official location of residence. Your residency can have an effect on your tuition. Residency is declared when you complete your initial admission application or when you first create your student account.

Residency is usually determined by one of the following criteria:

  • Filing a Wisconsin income tax return. If you are under 25 and claimed as a dependent by either parent, the residency information on your parents’ state tax return applies to you.
  • Eligibility to vote in the state. 
  • Motor vehicle registration.
  • Issuing state and address on your driver’s license.
  • Location of employment.

You can view a map and description of all 16 technical college districts and search your address here. Residency requirements are described in detail on the state’s Administrative Code Chapter TCS 10 websiteStudent questions regarding residency should be directed to the Registrar.