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STRAT 3.0, a unique business strategy program, goes beyond traditional training, integrating critical reflection and feedback,stretch assignments, experiential learning, and 1:1 personal coaching to accelerate individual performance. Leaders emerge with an enterprise-wide view of their organization while developing the skills needed to inspire, influence & motivate their team to achieve breakthrough results.


The new STRAT 3.0 sessions are now forming for 2023-24. 

To learn more about how STRAT 3.0 can improve your business leadership performance, call 920-924-3449 or email training@morainepark.edu. Individuals are sponsored by their employers and organizations to participate in cross-functional activities that help them link strategy and execution to achieve measurable results within their organizations.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals in the leadership pipeline
  • High potentials who can reinforce principles learned in the program across the company
  • Emerging leaders with two or more years experience managing people, projects or initiatives
  • Experienced leaders seeking to update essential skills

STRAT 3.0 enhances organizational effectiveness through:

  • Organizational focused decision making
  • Competency based development to build personal credibility
  • Developing a strategic mindset

Achieve results with these additional benefits:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions from experienced business leaders
  • Monthly in-person workshops
  • Employer sponsorship
  • Online Learning Library access

The Keystones of STRAT 3.0

Assessment The STRAT 3.0 program begins with a 360° assessment that is designed to give leaders tangible ways to develop and strengthen themselves, their teams, and their organization. An individual action plan is created to guide the development of the participant and is reviewed with the program sponsor.

Sponsorship Company sponsors are essential for the participant to achieve success. They help the participant set and meet goals by aligning critical stakeholders through cross-functional areas of the business, providing visible leadership and holding the participant accountable. They are a bridge between the program learning and practical application within your business.

Workshops A series of workshops provide the participants with opportunities to build on their leadership abilities, improve communication skills, learn the basics of team alignment, engagement, performance and motivation, and develop the skills necessary to become a strategic partner within their organizations.

Professional Coaching One-on-one coaching sessions will be provided from experienced business leaders. The coach acts as a guide, connector, and advocate for the participants by setting success measures and timelines to help participants achieve their project plans and support overall development.

Project Each participant will design a project that crosses several functional areas of their organization. The projects will enable participants to define clear objectives, apply and refine the skills they have learned and produce measurable results within a defined timeframe.

Networking The STRAT 3.0 program engages participants in a range of networking events, which are key to professional achievement and ongoing positive business development. Participants hone skills in peer, social, and community resource networking.

Recognition The STRAT 3.0 program was awarded the Best Practice in Programming by LERN (Learning Resources Network) in October 2012. STRAT also received Honorable Mention for its Business and Industry Partnerships from NCIA (National Council of Instructional Administrators) in April 2012.


FAQ Videos

Q: Why did we decide to invest in STRAT?


Q: Who should we sponsor in STRAT and can they afford the time?


Q: What value did STRAT add to your business?


Q: How is STRAT different than a traditional training program?


Q: How did STRAT impact your organization?


Enhance organizational effectiveness through:

  • Stakeholder commitment to ensure clear direction and participant engagement and accountability.
  • Enterprise-wide thinking for effective decision making.
  • Competency-based development to build individual credibility and link team performance to strategy and execution.
  • Project-based development with measured business outcomes.
  • One-on-one coaching from experienced business leaders to ensure progress is made on individual development plans.



What are Others Saying About STRAT?

At Mid-States Aluminum, Sue Roettger, Director of Human Resources, likes STRAT’s project-based model. “It’s one thing to sit in a classroom and learn about leadership, but it’s another to practice it,” said Roettger.

For Fond du Lac Lutheran Homes and Health Services, preparing for the future is critical to survival. Chief Executive Officer Mari Beth Borek said her industry is heavily regulated by government action, and legislation is constantly proposed and changed. Businesses and workers need to be ready to adapt at any given time and that is a primary reason she sponsored one of her staff in STRAT.

Holly Lifke, vice president of commercial underwriting at Society Insurance, appreciated that MPTC listened to businesses. She said Society Insurance was one of several companies asked to provide ideas for STRAT. She said STRAT shows how to deal with today’s issues and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. “You need to look at how to put out today’s fires while preventing them in the future,” she said.

Dave Lenz, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at Regal Ware, said he likes that STRAT is not just a training program. It doesn’t expect participants to solve problems on their own. Rather, it partners them with mentors and coaches and gives them the chance to learn from Patterson, who has experience working with leaders from Fortune 500 companies. “Companies are running leaner today than they were in years past,” he said. “They have reduced staff levels and offer fewer training dollars, so this type of program answers a specific need for businesses looking for creative ways to enhance the skills and development for future potential leaders without adding more staff and spending significant training dollars.”

Source: New MPTC Program Helps Business Leaders Look to the Future, Fond du Lac Reporter, September 16, 2011

Accelerate your organization’s performance. To learn more about how STRAT
2.0 can improve your business leadership performance, call 920.924.3449 or e-mail training@morainepark.edu.