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Rental Guidelines

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Moraine Park Rental Guidelines and Fees

It is the practice of Moraine Park Technical College to allow community groups and organizations the use of our facilities when such use does not interfere or conflict with MPTC’s educational mission or guiding principles. Individuals or organizations that would use the facility in direct competition with MPTC’s services or program are not eligible to use MPTC facilities.

Requests for use of MPTC facilities will be honored on an as-available basis after MPTC instructional needs have been met. Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations accepted more than one calendar year in advance.

Rental Fees

MPTC reserves the right to make facilities available free of charge or to reduce rental and service fees for events sponsored by MPTC administration, student organizations, divisions or academic departments. Such events must be offered free of charge to the general public. The following chart provides the rental fee structure for all MPTC campuses:

Standard Classroom or Meeting Room  – $15/hr
Non-Profit organizations located within the MPTC District – No charge

Computer Lab – $35hr/
Non-Profit organizations located within the MPTC District – $15/hr

Auditorium – $40/hr
Non-Profit organizations located within the MPTC District – $20/hr

Café/Commons – $25/hr
Non-Profit organizations located within the MPTC District -No charge

Specialized Labs – $35-$100/hr
Non-Profit organizations located within the MPTC District -$15-$100/hr

Non-profit organizations must show legal non-profit status approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Groups/agencies not supplying a nonprofit tax-exempt number and nonprofit organizations charging an admission or participation fee will be billed. All fee reductions or waivers must be approved by a campus administrator.

Invoices will be mailed after the event and payment is due upon receipt.

Room/Equipment Reservation Procedure

Applicants must complete the online request form and indicate the specified date(s), time(s), nature of the event, technology needs, attendance by public officials, and size of the group. Upon approval the appropriate space will be reserved, pending return of the signed “Application for Rental of MPTC Facilities” form.

Applications must be made at least 30 days in advance and the signed “Application for Rental of MPTC Facilities” forms must be returned to the campus coordinator within 10 business days of the event.

Ample parking is available at each campus and is provided free of charge.


Notification of cancellation is required. Failure to provide a 48-hour notification of cancellation may compromise future ability to access MPTC facilities. MPTC reserves the right to cancel any reservation for use of its facilities within 45 calendar days prior to the date of the scheduled activity.


All users are responsible for damage caused to persons or property as a result of intentional or negligent conduct during their use of the facilities or equipment. At the discretion of the campus coordinator, liability insurance up to $1,000,000 may be required at the expense of the renting individual, group, or organization. The Certificate of Insurance shall be filed with the campus coordinator three (3) days prior to the event.

Food Arrangements

Organizers of on-campus events must use the campus-contracted caterer; any exceptions must be approved by College administration. Catering information is identified on the application. Refer to the catering website for additional policies regarding scheduling, cancellation, service charges, etc.

Consumption and Serving of Alcoholic Beverages on MPTC Property

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or carried in on the premises of MPTC except at those functions sponsored by District departments or hosted by outside agencies utilizing college facilities as approved by College administration. Authorization to sell, distribute, and/or consume alcoholic beverages is subject to the laws, regulations and ordinances of the State of Wisconsin, the local municipality, and the procedures of MPTC. In all cases, participants must provide some visible form of official identification to verify that the individual is of legal drinking age. Non-alcoholic beverages must also be available to event attendees.

Other Stipulations

  1. No controlled substances or person under their influences as defined by Wisconsin Statutes at the time of the proposed use shall be permitted on the premises.
  2. Moraine Park Technical College is a tobacco free campus. This includes buildings, grounds, parking lots and internal sidewalks. Tobacco use is allowed in private vehicles only.
  3. Use, concealment, creation, manufacture, or possession of weapons, whether functional or not, in College facilities or at College sponsored activities, held on public or private property off campus is strictly prohibited unless you are a certified, sworn police officer or military personnel with legal permission to carry weapons in the State of Wisconsin.
  4. No gambling of any kind or nature shall be permitted in or on Moraine Park premises or buildings.
  5. Users requesting the use of MPTC campus facilities must have an MPTC employee present on campus during the entiretime that the activity(ies) are being conducted.
  6. Users shall use the designated facilities only during the specified hours on the specified days of the week. Any use at anyother time must be specifically approved in advance by MPTC.
  7. Users and/or his/her representatives must observe all health, fire, and safety rules of MPTC, the State of Wisconsin, and thefederal government while on the property of MPTC.
  8. Users shall adhere to all MPTC policies and procedures. Specific offenses strictly prohibited include, but are not limited to:
    • Conduct that constitutes a serious danger to the personal safety of other members of the MPTC campus community.
    • Physical or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, or detention of any person on MPTC property which endangers the health, safety, or rights of others.
    • Conduct that damages or destroys MPTC property or attempts to damage or destroy MPTC property or facilities.
    • Conduct that obstructs, impairs, or attempts to obstruct or impair MPTC activities or sponsored events
    • Unauthorized entry into or use of MPTC property or facilities.
    • Making a knowing false statement, orally or in writing, to any MPTC employee.
    • Use, possession, sale, or distribution of narcotics, illegal drugs, explosives, unauthorized weapons or dangerous chemicals on MPTC owned property.