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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Petition Process

Frequently Asked Questions – Petition Process Associate Degree Diagnostic Medical Sonography (10-526-2)

After completing admissions, students are provisionally accepted to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.  That means students start in “pre-core” status where they take general education classes and complete other requirements.  (MPTC does review and accept transfer credits from other colleges that may meet certain petition criteria.)  Once specific courses, grades and other requirements are met, a “pre-core” student is eligible to petition to start core courses.

What is the “Petition Process”?

Students who are ready to begin the core (526-xxx) Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses inform the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Associate Dean, through a process known as “petitioning,” the semester before they desire to start these core courses. The petition process is competitive based on academic strength and additional criteria. To petition, the student must meet the requirements outlined on the Petition Form and submit a petition packet. Students create their petition packet by attaching requested documentation to the Petition Form.

Please note that submitting a petition packet does NOT guarantee a spot in the core program.  This is a competitive process.  It provides an equal opportunity for eligible students to declare they are ready to transition to core coursework.

How do students know that they are ready to petition?

In addition to meeting the petition process requirements, students will want to determine when the timing is best for them to begin the rigor of the core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses. Planning is essential. If the student needs additional assistance with making this decision, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Academic Advisor, Renae Fischer is available to help at 920-929-2477 , TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS or rfischer6@morainepark.edu.

TRiO-SSS/Edge students may contact Advisor Karla Breister at kbreister3@morainepark.edu or call 920-924-3245.

When should students petition?

Students decide when they are prepared to begin the core courses based on when petition requirements are met and what is best for them. Students petition the semester before they wish to begin core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses. Petition packets will only be accepted during designated petition period in March.

Are students able to defer starting the core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses?

Deferring is not built into the petition process. Only students that are prepared to begin the core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses should petition. If a student is selected to start core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses and s/he chooses not to begin, his/her petition will be voided and s/he will be required to resubmit a new petition packet during one of the designated petition periods when ready to begin core classes.

How will students be selected?

Upon verification that all petition requirements have been met, petitioners will be evaluated on:

  • academic strength
  • additional course requirement completion
  • prior experience (work & volunteer)
  • previous petition
  • district of residency

What does it mean to be selected as an alternate?

Due to a limited number of core Diagnostic Medical Sonography program openings each year and the competitive nature of the petition process, not everyone who petitions is selected for an opening. A few students will be selected as Diagnostic Medical Sonography alternates. Alternates are on “stand-by‟ mode and need to be prepared to begin core courses should an opening become available due to unforeseen complications experienced by a selected student. As there is no way of knowing if or when a core Diagnostic Medical Sonography program opening will become available, alternates have the important task of being prepared up until the time of semester start in August to begin core Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses. Alternates will always want to work closely with their advisor for academic planning.

How will students be notified whether or not they are selected?

Students will receive an email via their MPTC student email account within 30 business days of the petition deadline. Students are requested NOT to call to inquire about their selection status.

Are there additional requirements needed once students are selected?

Yes! Selected students, including alternates, must attend a mandatory, in-person Diagnostic Medical Sonography Core Information Session prior to the start of classes. Specific dates and times will be made available on the notification email sent to students by the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Associate Dean. Students must meet health requirements, have current TB tests, current CPR, and acceptable criminal background checks in order to start core classes.