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Tech Knowledge College Sessions

2024 Tech Knowledge College Sessions


Cutting – The Future of Manufacturing

Instructor: Jeff Ternes

Students learn about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and how they shape the future. Students will program and run fun projects on CNC machines. We will just scratch the surface of the exciting world of manufacturing. This session requires creativeness and attention to detail.


Throw the Ultimate TKC Party!

Instructor: Jennifer Matteson

Work alongside your friends to highlight the fun week at Moraine Park. As an added bonus, your friends and family, and all TKC parents, will get to attend the party you plan on Thursday, Aug 8!

Nutrition and Neuro and Bones, Oh My!

Instructor: Andrea Dobogai

Ever wonder what happens to your food after you eat it? Or how your brain processes and interprets things? Or how our bodies can move? Learn about how our bodies function through hands-on, interactive activities where you’ll be tracking what you eat and creating an ideal meal plan, simulating like you have Alzheimer’s disease, and learning how the “funny bone” got its name!


First Aid and CPR

Instructor: Christopher Dean

In this session we will cover what to do in the event of an emergency. Our first aid and CPR class is a comprehensive and engaging program designed to equip young individuals with essential life-saving skills. The course covers fundamental first aid techniques, such as wound care, choking response, CPR, and emergency protocols. Through interactive sessions and hands-on practice, participants gain the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in various emergency situations, fostering a sense of responsibility and preparedness.

Zombies are real! (at least in Cybersecurity)

When a website or game service is offline or running slow, it can ruin your plans. Many times, it is the result of a cybersecurity attack. What happens during a cybersecurity assault? Did you know your own computer can be used part of the incident as a zombie. You will model the attack (denial of service attack) and learn how to protect your devices.


Auto Exploration

Instructor: Jim Daniels

Students will explore the basics of car care. Activities include changing the oil on an automobile, learning how to mount and balance tires and how to keep a car maintained for safe driving.

The Patient First – Aeger Primo

Instructor: Nicole Sexton

What is a surgical technologist? Surgical technologists are responsible for many aspects of skills in the operating room. Learn more about this rewarding career, our fundamental skills of scrubbing and putting on a surgical gown and gloves to ready yourself for surgery, identifying surgical instruments, and more!


Lego Sumo Robots

Instructor: Jason Scholten & Ken Jacobs

Students design, assemble, and program a sumo robot using Lego Mindstorms kits. Students will participate in a series of robot challenges with the final competition taking place on the last day. Only one sumo robot will stand victorious! This session requires attention to detail and concentration.

Inside the World of Law Enforcement

Instructor: Jeff Gruss

Work with fingerprinting, impression molds, and various tools of the public safety trade.  Students will conclude TKC by applying what they learned to solve a “crime”.

Welding FULL

Instructors: Paul Jensen & Kelly Komoroski

Learn through virtual simulation welding and a supervised hands-on opportunity to use professional equipment and create a metal project to bring home.

Healthy Minds FULL

Instructor: Joan Barfield

Students will examine positive relationships utilizing assertiveness. They will utilize problem solving skills in daily situations, and improve their personal well being through various modalities. Student will learn, practice, and apply stress management techniques.

The Business of Drones FULL

Instructor: Jeff Stueber

Drones are changing the way we do business! Learn drone safety, watch a professional drone pilot at work, and use aerial footage to create your own promotional video. *Students will go home with a drone of their own!

Exploring Digital Arts FULL

Instructor: Tom Ward

Explore the world of Digital Arts and learn basic techniques of animation, photography, and video.

Not Your Typical School Lunch FULL

Instructor: James Simmers

Participants will find new ways to prepare normal school lunch items making them tastier and even healthier. Pizzas, Mac and cheese, chicken fingers and more will all get a makeover in this fun and thought provoking course.