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Challenge Exams

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Moraine Park Challenge Exams

Moraine Park offers both Challenge Exams and Skill Demonstrations to current students.  Both exams and demonstrations assess your skills and knowledge of specific course content.  These comprehensive tests provide the opportunity to earn college credit and fulfill requirements within your MPTC program of study.  They are pass/fail in nature.  No scores or letter grades are given to reflect your performance on the test.

*Please note: MPTC Challenge Exams and Skill Demonstrations are intended to provide MPTC credit to fulfill graduation requirements within a student’s MPTC program of study.  As a result, credits earned through this process may not be transferable to other colleges and universities.

Challenge Exam Guidelines

  • Credit by Exam can only be attempted one time (per course).
  • Students cannot be currently under MPTC academic suspension and cannot have a “No Credit” or other previously recorded grade for the course.
  • Due to financial aid regulations for recalculation of aid, students cannot attempt a challenge exam for any course for which they are currently registered-unless the course begins in a term following the term the challenge exam is attempted.
  • Students are assessed a nonrefundable/nontransferable $50 exam fee for each exam attempted.  Students attempting a skill demonstration (welding) are assessed a nonrefundable/nontransferable skill demonstration fee of $90.  In cases where the exam contains both a written exam and skill demonstration, students pay a single $90 fee to cover both exam components.
  • Challenge Exams must be completed within the times set forth in the exam schedule.
  • Some exams may take up to 2 weeks to be scored. Please plan accordingly.
  • Challenge Exam and Skills Demonstrations results are not included when calculating student Grade Point Averages. Credits earned through exam or demonstration will not count in that semester’s financial aid credit load.  However, credits earned in this manner will count as credits attempted for financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations.  Contact financialaid@morainepark.edu for more information.


Week of July 29th Campus Test Start Time Room*
Monday (29th) Beaver Dam 8:00 a.m. K-113
Tuesday (30th) Fond du Lac 8:00 a.m. A-210
Wednesday (31st) West Bend 8:00 a.m. N-112

For more information contact MPTC’s Credit for Prior Learning Specialist:
cpl@morainepark.edu                                     920-924-3215, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS

Please Note:
  • Arrival time for exams is 8:00am unless otherwise indicated.
  • Room numbers are subject to change.
  • All changes will be communicated via MPTC student email prior to the exam date.
  • Challenge exams and demonstrations for welding and office courses are scheduled directly with the CPL Specialist. These testing dates and locations may not align with the exam schedule as posted above.
  • Credits earned through the Challenge Exams process are posted to the student’s MPTC Student Record within 5-7 business days after the testing period has been completed.  Payment of the Challenge Exam fee is required for credits to be posted.

Testers arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for exam will be considered “late”.  To avoid disruptions to the testing environment, “late testers” may be asked to reschedule their challenge exam.  This decision is made at the discretion of the exam proctor.

To view a campus map with the location of your scheduled
Challenge Exam, click on the corresponding link below.

Beaver Dam Challenge Exam Accessible Campus Map

Fond du Lac Challenge Exam Accessible Campus Map

West Bend Challenge Exam Accessible Campus Map

Challenge Exams Offered

Click on the course number to access the study materials available for each exam

Computer Exams
Course # Name Crs.
103-159 Computer Literacy 1
Math Exams
Course # Name Crs.
804-360 Occupational Math 1 2
804-361 Occupational Math 2 2
804-362 Occupational Math 3 2
Science Exams
Course # Name Crs.
806-189 Basic Anatomy 3
501-101 Medical Terminology 3

*Click HERE to email CPL Specialist for more
information about the exams below.

Office Exams
Course # Name Crs.
103-160 Microsoft Word 2
103-180 Microsoft Excel 2
103-182 Microsoft Power Point 2
106-103 Keyboarding 1
106-120 Document Formatting 1
106-121 Advanced Document Formatting 1
Welding Exams
Course # Name Crs.
442-331 Welding Print Reading 2
442-338 Cutting Processes 2
442-356 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 2
442-357 Gas Metal Arc Welding I 2
 442-386 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I  2