Trio Student Support Services

Would you appreciate having someone to come to for ALL of your MPTC needs? We make sure you connect with everyone and everything you need to be successful at Moraine Park!

Think you might be eligible?

  • Neither parent earned a four-year degree AND/OR
  • Low income (EDGE staff can help you determine this) AND/OR
  • Documented disability

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The EDGE Services

  • Academic Advising
  • Cultural Events
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources
  • Goal Planning
  • Study Groups
  • Tutoring Services
  • Computer Skills
  • Transferring – visiting other colleges

Our Mission is to provide an individualized educational experience, ensuring student engagement and success.

The EDGE program is a Student Support Services/TRIO program partially funded by a US Department of Education grant in the amount of $220,000 annually for 2015-2020.

Applications are also available in the Student Engagement Center on the Fond du Lac campus and Student Services on all three campuses.

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Fond du Lac

Kris Buchanan

TRIO Grant Manager


Bethany Leigh

TRIO Advisor