Transfer to a Four Year College

Thinking about pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree?

Use Transferology to see how your MPTC credits transfer to other colleges and universities throughout the country.

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MPTC is part of the Transferology community.  Moraine Park students can create a FREE account in Transferology to see how their MPTC courses will transfer to other colleges and universities. 

If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree, using Transferology will benefit you immensely!  For assistance with setting up your Transferology account, email or call 920-924-3215, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS.

Transferring to a four-year college has never been easier!

Earn credits at MPTC and transfer to a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree.

For more  information on the many credit transfer agreements MPTC has to four year public and private colleges, email

Utilize the Transferology system to see how specific MPTC courses will transfer to colleges and universities throughout the country. Contact the college that you plan to attend to verify all credits will be accepted.

Things to remember about transferring:
  • Credits earned at MPTC must meet the requirements of the college where you wish to enroll.
  • Some colleges accept only certain courses or a limited number of credits.
  • Some colleges accept the credits of an entire associate of applied science degree.
  • Some colleges accept technical diploma level courses.

Transferring to a University of Wisconsin system school

UW-WTCS Universal Credit Transfer Agreement (UCTA)

Moraine Park is part of Wisconsin’s Universal Credit Transfer Agreement (UCTA) that provides an automatic transfer of courses to University of Wisconsin system schools.  More information on the Universal Credit Transfer Agreement can be found here – Universal Credit Transfer Agreement

Transferring to a Wisconsin private college/university

WAICU-WTCS Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA)

This Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) allows MPTC students to transfer general education coursework to 16 different Wisconsin private colleges.  More information about the Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) can be found here – Course Credit Transfer Agreement

Transfer Out Information

Check out the articles below for information and advice about continuing your educational journey after MPTC.

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