Transfer to a Four Year College

Transferring to a four-year college has never been easier!

Earn credits at MPTC and transfer to a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree. For more  information on the many credit transfer agreements MPTC has to four year public and private colleges, email

  • Be sure to contact the receiving college to ask if specific MPTC courses will transfer. It is very important to communicate with the four-year college that you plan to transfer to and ensure all credits will be accepted.
  • Credits earned at MPTC must meet the requirements of the college where you wish to enroll.
  • Some colleges accept only certain courses or a limited number of credits.
  • Some colleges accept the credits of an entire associate of applied science degree.
  • Some colleges accept technical diploma level courses.

Transferring Resources

  • Certain MPTC credits are accepted at the University of Wisconsin Colleges. Check out the
    UW Transfer Information System (TIS) for more details.
  • Check with the college you plan to attend for their most current credit transfer agreements.
  • Still have questions? Please email