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Girls Rock Robotics

Girls Rock Robotics Logo


Moraine Park Technical College – Fond du Lac Campus, Room B-114
August 12-14th, 2019 | 9:00am – 12:00pm
(Final demonstration and lunch with parents on Wednesday, August 14.)
Who Can Attend
Open to all girls entering grades 6-8 in fall 2019
Click here to register.

Explore the world of robotics using LEGO® Mindstorms.

You will build robots with motors and sensors to perform tasks and react to their environment. You’ll learn how to program the robots using software in which you place icons in sequence to create the instructions that you desire. It’s easy to learn and introduces the concept of programming with objects (icons) and structures such as loops and conditional statements. As a bonus, we will also spend time working in teams to build and program a robot to solve missions similar to those in First Lego League® (FLL) competitions.

The processes of students actively building, exploring, investigating, inquiring and communicating together
develop a vast range of skills. Here is an overview of the activities and skills involved in the Animal Allies Challenge:


Investigating speed, exploring the effect of friction, investigating simple machines, developing scientific testing skills, pursuing purposeful inquiry, predicting and measuring, collecting data and drawing conclusions.


Designing, creating (building), testing and evaluating model solutions to match real needs; choosing appropriate materials and processes; using two-dimensional instructions to develop technical understanding; identifying technical components to create three-dimensional working models; programming robots to perform desired tasks; and working collaboratively in a team.


Using the engineering design process in investigating and evaluating variables.


Using mathematics in the fields of science and technology; measuring distance, time and mass; calculating speed (velocity), weight and efficiency; using graphical media to present predictions and measurements; tabulating and interpreting data; and informally calculating ratios.


  • Introduction to the program, engineering and robotics.
  • Introduction to the Mindstorms robots.
  • Build robot
  • Start programming activities.
  • Program the Mindstorms robots to navigate the Lego Challenge mat.
  • Parents are welcome to attend from 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 14th for demonstration and lunch.

For additional information contact Renae Fischer at 920-929-2477 or  rfischer6@morainepark.edu.

Direct Accommodation requests to Bonnie Bauer at 920-924-3361 by August 2nd.