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Community Partner Request Form

The Moraine Park Technical College Student Community Impact Coordinator will consider information regarding your project request in collaboration with associate dean and instructors, and get back to you.
Our decision is based on the following criteria.

  1. The project fits into the instructional plan for the program/course curriculum.
  2. The project fits into the timeline of the course/class schedules.
  3. We have the number of students learning the expertise to support the project request.
  • Please Note: Project costs will be funded by the community partner including: Materials, consumables used in the work, supplemental supplies. Since this is a learning environment, extra materials may be required for set up and learning. MPTC will not be responsible for any outside services needed to complete the project beyond the capabilities of the college program. MPTC will not be responsible for shipping. Once the project is approved the community partner will need to sign a risk waiver found online here.