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Moraine Park Promise – Donor Information

What is Moraine Park Promise?

In 2017, Moraine Park Foundation launched its first major scholarship campaign named the Moraine Park Promise. Generous donor partners built a sustainable source of funding of over $1.2 million to ensure Promise students received the scholarship support they needed to access the education and training offered at MPTC.

Moraine Park Promise Logo

The Moraine Park Promise program covers tuition and fees not met by other sources of federal and state assistance, enabling eligible students to complete five semesters with significantly less debt. This also puts them in a much better position to improve their socioeconomic status and become integral contributors to the local economy.

Although we net our campaign goal, you can still join us in this effort. Together, we can enable more students from low-income families to prepare for the 21st-century workforce. By doing that, we’ll also help to break the cycle of poverty in our region and infuse local businesses with the kind of skilled workers they need to prosper.

MPTC Promise Details

High school students from low-income families lag in college enrollment by over 30% compared to their higher-income peers. For many of them, attending college is a financial undertaking that’s simply too risky. Even those who do seek a degree often can’t afford to finish their programs. Couple this situation with the fact that our region’s poverty rate has stayed the same since 2010. This District average is 9.25%. That’s a strong indicator that additional programs are needed to help reduce poverty in our communities.

Meanwhile, local employers are confronting a serious talent gap. They desperately need skilled employees to meet their current and forecasted needs. For example, in August 2017, there were 10,856 job postings within the MPTC District, with 55% requiring a technical education. Unfortunately, only 48% of eligible workers in the area have the skills and training needed for these positions. In short, we have a significant pool of potential employees who cannot make the financial leap to attaining education and training; at the same time, we have a large – and increasing – demand for those would-be employees in our regional workforce.

Investment in these programs translates into higher incomes, more tax revenue, and more job-ready, better-educated workers for local businesses to hire. In fact, research shows that for every dollar a student invests in their technical college education, nearly five dollars ($4.90) is returned as higher future income over their careers. That means fewer people are likely to need public assistance and social services and more people are making greater contributions to our economy. Additionally, Wisconsin’s taxpayers receive $12.20 in benefits for every dollar invested in the technical colleges. That is a significant return on investment!

High school students who enter college immediately following graduation are three times more likely to obtain a degree than those who delay their higher education. Moreover, a continuous pathway from high school to college reduces the likelihood that these young adults will opt for working low-income jobs or collecting unemployment.

Your contribution to the Moraine Park Promise campaign will not only help deserving students but will also help create more skilled workers, eager young men and women with the training and education that can invigorate our region’s vitality and economic prosperity.

Honorary Co-Chairs:

  • Tripp Ahern, President & CEO, J. F. Ahern
  • Tom Herre, Retired, Fond du Lac City Manager
  • Steve Little, Regional Chief Operating Officer, SSM Health
  • Kim Miller, President & CEO, Beaver Dam Community Hospitals
  • Ed Paradowski, President, Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation
  • Michael Schoeb, President & CEO, Alliance Laundry Systems
  • John Torinus, Retired, CEO-Serigraph


  • Jim Flood, Former Owner, Holiday Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram
  • Steve Peterson, Mid-States Aluminum Corporation Board
  • Mike Shannon, CEO, Holiday Automotive

Cabinet Members:

  • Andres Gonzales, VP Human Resources, Mercury Marine
  • Shirley Kitchen, Moraine Park Foundation Board Member
  • Pam Korth, Human Resources Manager, Apache Stainless Corporation
  • Mike Miller, Former MPTC District Board Chair
  • Rick Parks, President & CEO, Society Insurance
  • John St. Peter, Attorney, Edgarton, St. Peter, Petak & Rosenfeldt
  • Mary Vogl-Rauscher, Leadership Development Instructor-MPTC

Advisory Members:

  • Philip Fritsche, President, Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce
  • Tom Hostad, Executive Director, Hartford Area Development Corporation
  • Andy Pevonka, MPTC Alumni Advisory Committee
  • Christian Tscheschlok, Executive Director, Economic Development Washington County
  • Bur Zeratsky, Executive Vice President, National Rivet & Manufacturing Company

MPTC Promise Donors

Thank you to our generous Moraine Park Promise Donors! The following partners have made gift intentions of $1,000 or more to Moraine Park Promise.

  • Agnesian HealthCare
  • Agnesian HealthCare Foundation
  • Mercury Marine
  • Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
  • Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation, Inc.
  • Duane & Kathleen Foulkes Foundation
  • The Grande Foundation
  • National Exchange Bank Foundation
  • West Bend Community Foundation’s
  • Ziegler Family Foundation Fund
  • Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Foundation, Inc.
  • C.D. Smith Construction
  • Excel Engineering
  • Jim and Judy Flood
  • Mike Shannon Automotive Foundation
  • MEC (Mayville Engineering Company, Inc.)
  • Society Insurance Charitable Fund
  • Mike and Nancy Berg, Summit Automotive
  • Van Horn Automotive
  • Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation
  • Bonnie Baerwald
  • Baker Cheese
  • Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc.
  • Countryside Auto Group
  • Fox Valley Savings Bank
  • Horicon Bank
  • J. F. Ahern Co.
  • Kondex Corporation
  • Manowske Welding Corporation
  • Rick and Joni Parks
  • Steve and Karla Peterson
  • John and Eileen Pfeifer
  • RAM Tool, Inc.
  • Russ Darrow Group
  • John and Joan Shanahan
  • Silica For Your Home
  • Tobin Machining
  • Uecker-Witt Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc.
  • Johnson School Bus
  • Dick and Joan Kleinfeldt
  • Rodney and Kim Miller
  • Sadoff Family Foundation
  • John and Sally St. Peter
  • Sure-Fire, Inc.
  • Richard Zieman
  • Tom and Nan Baumgartner
  • CampusWorks
  • Tom and Sally Herre
  • Muthig Industries, Inc.
  • Anonymous
  • James and Catherine Barrett
  • Dana Bourland
  • Jet Stream Car Wash
  • Tom and Carrie Kasubaski
  • Allan C. Kieckhafer
  • Robert Heyrman
  • Serigraph Inc.
  • Westbury Bank Charitable Foundation

MPTC Promise Donor Highlights

Donor Inquiries

Dana Bourland
Director of College Advancement
920-924-3225, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS