Applicant FAQs and Information

How to Apply
Application Information
How to Apply
  1. Search our current career opportunities here and find one that matches your needs.
  2. Complete the online application and submit any necessary supplemental items.
  3. Our Talent Management team will review your application along with the hiring committee. Applicants we’d like to learn more about will receive a call inviting them to attend an interview.
Application Information

Do I have to use the online application to apply?

Yes!  We are honored in your interest in our College.

How do I access my online account after I set it up?

This link will take you right to where you can log back into your dashboard

O.M.G.  I lost my password.  Again.

Because we have tons of passwords for everything today, you can reset your password by clicking on Log back in!  Then click on Forgot your password?

Can I apply for more than one job?

Of course, you can!  I am sure with all of your talents that you are a fit for more than one job here.    Just make sure to use the same account to apply for all jobs.  Remember, you’ll need to upload separate cover letters for each job you apply for.

I am busy and I do not have time to complete the application in one sitting. Can I save and return later?

Sure! At the end of each section, there is a Save and Return Later icon.  You can then log in to your account and pick up right where you left off.

In the Work Experience part of my application, I want more/less work experience entries.  How do I fix this?

Near the bottom of the application, above the Summary, click on Show Less or Show More Professional Experience.

 I’m trying to submit my application, but it won’t let me.

Do you see a blank field that is highlighted in yellow?  That is a required part of the application that has not been completed yet.  Once you have all the required fields complete, you are all set to submit your application.

How long are jobs posted for?

We post our jobs for a minimum of 5 business days, but it could be posted until the job is filled.  Some jobs will have a closing date or initial screening date indicated on the posting.

Did my application go through?

You will receive a confirmation email upon completing your application.  If you did not get an email, don’t forget to check your spam or junk folders and make sure you entered the correct email address in your application.  You are also able to check the status when you log in to your Dashboard.  It will have a list of all of the positions you have applied for and the status.

For further assistance, please contact Sarah in Talent Acquisition at 920-924-6402.

I already have an application in iCims.  Do I have to recreate another application, cover letter and resume every time I want to apply for a job?

Good news!  No, you do not have to recreate anything.  Your application materials were saved the first time you applied.  We highly suggest updating your application and materials as needed for each job you apply for at MPTC.


Oh no!  I saw the posting was removed from the website.  Can I still submit an application?

Unfortunately once a job has closed, it is removed from the website and applications are no longer accepted.

How do I find the status of a job?

If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via phone and/or email.  You will be notified throughout the process with a status email.  There is always the option to see the status of a job at any time by logging into the dashboard.

I accidentally answered the pre-screening question wrong.  What do I do?

Please contact Talent Acquisition at 920-924-6402 and we can help you.

I changed my mind.  Can I withdraw my application?

You sure can.  When you are logged, in and on your dashboard, you will see a list of the job(s) you have applied for.  There is an option to click on the Withdraw icon.