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Moraine Park Hosts EPD Skills Competition

Student on pole at EPD Rodeo event

Moraine Park’s Electrical Power Distribution (EPD) program hosted the first in-state Wisconsin Technical College System EPD skills competition on the Beaver Dam Campus, April 19.

The skills competition–EPD Rodeo–tested students on six events: Egg Climb, Fill and Carry, Fuse Change Out, Obstacle Climb and Insulator Change, Weighted Hand Line and Bell Run. The events tested the competitors on climbing, speed, strength and fluidity.

The Bell Run event–the Grant Peterson Memorial Bell Run–was in honor of Grant Peterson, a Moraine Park EPD graduate who was killed in a car accident in Dec. 2022. Peterson graduated from the program in May 2022 and began his career at WE Energies. He was passionate about his job and loved competition. His mother, Kirstin Peterson, and siblings attended the EPD Rodeo event.

Over 70 students competed from Moraine Park Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Northcentral Technical College and Blackhawk Technical College. Industry leaders from Alliant Energy, Madison Gas & Electric, Menasha and Waunakee Utilities, Michels Power, and former EPD instructors served as judges.

“The weather and rain delays we experienced are what the students will have to deal with when they get into the field,” Cathy Brendemihl, administrative assistant of trades at Moraine Park, said. “If anything, the storms gave them a realistic look of what they can expect when they graduate from the program, and it was a great experience for all.”

The event was made possible through various industry sponsors including Michels Power, Inc., G.E.T. Utility Sales, Bashlin Tools, Buckingham Tools, Alliant Energy and WE Energies.

Congratulations to all who placed!

Egg Climb

1st; Arden Ziert, NTC

2nd; Joeseph Lee, MATC

3rd; Evan Guralski, NTC

4th; Connor Opdahl, BHTC

Bell Run

1st; Josh Bitsky, MPTC

2nd; Arden Ziert, NTC

3rd; Cole Flood, MPTC

4th; James Bohn, MPTC

Fill and Carry

1st; Sam Vetter, MATC

2nd; Jon Golner, MPTC

3rd; Chase Kurczek, MPTC

4th; Cole Flood, MPTC

Weighted Hand Line Lift (team of 2)

1st; Josh Davies and Chase Kurczek, MPTC

2nd; Nathan Berrios and Michael Blasier, MATC

3rd; Ross Elmhorst and Eric Guzman, NTC

4th; Brody Koosmann and Dane Kunisiak, NTC

Fuse Change Out

1st; Dalton Jones, MPTC

2nd; Drew Sadowski, MPTC

3rd; Michael Blasier, MATZ

4th; Nick Lofy, MPTC

Obstacle Climb

1st; Keegan Anderson, MATC

2nd; Dalton Jones, MPTC

3rd; Taylor Franzen, MPTC

4th; Matt Hults, MATC

EPD Rodeo - BD - April 2023

May 2nd, 2023by Emilie Thielen