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Celebrating Academic Excellence at MPTC

Honor cords on table

Congratulations to all of Moraine Park’s graduating Phi Theta Kappa and Academic Honor Society students! The students were recognized for their dedication to academic excellence in a celebratory event on the Fond du Lac Campus, April 27, 2023. The event also celebrated new PTK and Academic Honor Society members.

Students received honor cords that they will wear at the spring commencement ceremony on May 20, 2023.*

“Each year thousands of students attend Moraine Park Technical College,” Kylee Schneider, Co-Advisor at Moraine Park, said. “Today we acknowledge those whose achievement, commitment, and academic performance deserve the highest recognition. I encourage you to always search for the truth and to dedicate yourselves to the cultivation of lifelong education, service, and honor.”

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society is the largest honor society for two-year colleges. Membership for both PTK and Moraine Park’s Academic Honor Society is for those who have completed at least 12 credits toward an associate degree and earned a GPA of 3.5 or above.

“Membership in both of these groups is a special honor for our outstanding students, and members are invited to participate in leadership learning events and community service projects each semester,” Bonnie Baerwald, Moraine Park President, said. “This spring, 158 Moraine Park students are being honored for their academic achievements, and we appreciate the participation of those who are here to celebrate today. Congratulations–I applaud your dedication to academic success and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.”

Moraine Park president Bonnie Baerwald gave opening remarks, and Amy Harmsen and Kylee Schneider, Co-advisors at Moraine Park, presided over the ceremony.

*If PTK/AHS spring 2023 graduates did not attend the event, they can pick up their honor cords at their respective campuses.

PTK/AHS Spring Celebration - FDL - April 2023

Thank you to Amanda Rogers, an MPTC alumna, who provided the cookies through her small business, Amanda’s Custom Cookies.

Spring 2023 PTK/AHS Graduates

Olaide Adams

William Arkens

Saige Bartelt

Alyssa Baun

Jeremiah Becker

Kira Brock

Heather Boden

Danielle Bury Weymier

Rebecca Christianson

Sydney Comstock

Chad Crass

Hannah Cunningham

Laura Davis

Lindsey Dobrinska

Michelle Dorow

Madeline Dumproff

Damien Garza

Laurie Gerth

Crystal Greene

Megan Greer

Kylie Guell

Stacey Hilbert

Kylie Hupf

Hailey Koch

Kaitlyn Koenitzer

Chera Koss

Seth Lane

Karen Langlois

Daniel Malone

Megan Marks

Abigail Meier

Leona Meyer

Emily Morrison

Amber Murphy

Allison Newman

Hannah Oliver

Megan Ott

Alejandro Ovalle

Emily Peschong

Brian Pitt

Heaven Protsman

Holly Rodgers

Katey Ryan

Hannah Schaefer

Kaylene Scherer

Summer Schneiss

Alexis Schraufnagel

Amber Schultz

Mazie Senecal

Amy Simon

Kendra Smith

Kaitlyn Sterba

Cecil Stewart

Shawna Talakowski

Abagail Voge

Brooke Wargula

Olivia Weikert

Kelly Wercinski

Go Song Yang

Michelle Zingsheim

May 10th, 2023by Emilie Thielen